Monday, September 15, 2014

Some one mentioned on Twitter  that the "DOW THEORY" buy was still confirmed as both the DOW and IYT made new highs today, here's my idiot comment..........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
The DOW has almost ZERO to do with INDUSTRIAL'S any more, they have FIVE stocks in it that are classified as in the Industrial Goods Sector, they also have FIVE stocks in the Finance Sector, the rest of them are hamburger joints, Dollar thrifty stores, Obamacare stocks, software or phone stocks, etc etc, every body has their own opinion about this.
I prefer the XLI ETF, it has 39 "INDUSTRIAL GOODS" stocks in it, more stocks than the entire DOW, and it has NOT made a new high, and has NOT confirmed a "DOW THEORY" buy signal with the IYT. 
Wad ever.

I'm showing the SPY here, but the DIA and QQQ are the same, they all had a squeeze set up today(9/16/2014), the IWM has been on a squeeze for the last three days. The squeeze itself is still on a buy, it's +1.39, but the Woodies CCI has been on a sell for ten days now. It's funny but the Q's have held up the best but the Woodies CCI is EXTREMELY over sold at -260 after the one big down day today.
I'm not sure it means any thing, the last few squeezes took 8-10 days before they really started to rock and roll, the big move won't happen until we get on the Bollinger, either the upper or lower, and start to walk it in one direction or the other, it simply means the Bollinger's are starting to squeeze together in anticipation of a big move.

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Quite a shocking thing to find hanging on your trash can, that's a Coconut Crab.


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