Sunday, September 14, 2014

I can't help myself, I have to mention some thing about the "Costanza" markets, you know, OPPOSITE markets, we gapped down this morning, and then continued DOWN for 35 minutes, and the $TRIN went DOWN with it, from almost 1.40 all the way down to .70, hahahahahaha, then we basically went down the rest of the day into the last hour, and the markets went up that hour, and the $TRIN went from .60 to close at .71, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
If you aren't familiar with it, a $TRIN over 1 indicates there is SELLING in the markets, and under 1 is supposed to indicate there is BUYING in the markets, so by going in the same direction AS the markets, it is truly a "COSTANZA" market.

Both the NYAD's and NYSI remained on sell signals since I mentioned them on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This is the worst reading I've ever seen in my 73 markets that I monitor, that's not the DOWN list up there, that's the UP list, be that what it is, with only five markets higher, three of those were the inverse funds, then UNG, and the big winner this week was ERY, up 11.33%, as I'm going to step out on a limb here and guess that energy stocks didn't do to well this week.

The big loser's were mostly those Udder Worldly things, with Brazil the big WINNER, EWZ down 10% on the week, as investor's worried about the Presidente of the "Worker's Party" possibly regaining the lead over the SOCIALIST candidate, hahahahahaha, hard to tell who's what, other than they are both women. Vanguard VWO was down 4.8%, our worst sector was IYR, down 4.78%, our BEST major was the Q's, down .41%, DIA down .79%, IWM .87%, SPY down .98%. The worst part is that bonds went DOWN more than the stock markets, TLT down 2.03% on the week, hell, that's almost a whole year's interest in those "SAFE" bonds!
A drop of .41% to .98% is just nothing, those crazy bull's will get that back in a single day, since markets now go UP faster than they go DOWN, which is the opposite of what they used to do.
There was 1 market at a 20 day high, ERY, and 22 markets at 20 day lows, there were 31 markets with a death cross, 20 DMA below the 50 DMA.

There were 380 stocks lower in the SP 500 this week, the big winner's for the week are the top list. the bottom list are the stocks closing at 52 week highs this week, there were 56 stocks that closed at 20 day highs.  I remain in BAC, "HOPING" for the measured target I mentioned between $17-17.50, FSLR gained 1.83% on this down week.

The big loser's this week, besides the Discovery channel that no one watch's, was a couple of refiner's, VLO and TSO, with NFX in between them. There were 5 stocks closing at 52 week lows, RIG, DO, FMC, PCL, RRC, they all seemed to be popping up on the list all week long, along with BTU. Only 108 stocks are on a death cross, actually not that many, 94 closed at 20 day lows.

Other than making new 52 week lows all the time, I mentioned BTU because I actually LIKE it. Well, I like the company, I know exactly what it is, and why it's struggling, I like it because it's set up your R/R the last two days, this low is also right at the low it made just over a year ago, when it rallied over 40% into winter. My point is, is you know exactly where you DON'T want it, like, under the low of the last two days. It's kind of tough, as Da Boyz may take those lows out just to scare the shit out of any buyer's, and THEN take it up, so, Ya know, there may be a couple of false starts. Personally of course, I HAVE to have a STOP on it, you just never know when Da Street is going to really take one of these companies to the proverbial wood shed, never to see these levels again in my life time, like, aaaaahhhhhh, WLT, ANR, ACI, MCP, etc etc etc.

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