Monday, September 01, 2014


HHHMMMMMMMM, I always wondered why I thought that 1969 seemed like my last good year!!!!
Since Tricky Dicky took us off the gold standard in 1971 our wages as a percent of GDP has declined from 51.5% to 42.5%, THANK YOU KING DOLLAR.......................NOT!!!

Also, it begs the question that if wages only make up 42.5% of GDP how can consumer spending make up 70% of GDP????????????????

AAAAAAAHHHHHH...........HAH!!! In the Weekly Wrap Up post below I asked myself the question of why Brazil led my 73 markets last week, well, I got the answer:

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, but of course, in these Central Bank manipulated Costanza markets where only BAD news is considered GOOD news, it only makes sense that news of a recession would send the EWZ to Da stinking MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN!
  • It seems like forever since those of days of Yore when news of a recession would send markets DOWN 50-60%, you know, like waaaaaaaaay back in 2000 and 2008............ with all the economic reports we have this week I can only imagine that inwestor's are praying for some really shitty news, WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!

Ya know, that's a pretty interesting chart, mainly because you know EXACTLY where you DON'T want it, which is the most important part of inwesting. This guy makes some points about picking some shares up here, Transocean: High-Yield Contrarian Play Continues To Bottom , not the least of which is a 7.76% dividend yield while you wait it out.
It's also one of the very few companies that the DCF valuation over at Guru Focus thinks is actually UNDER valued:

It thinks it's 48% under valued and worth $74, sounds good to ME!!!!

My problem of course is that among my MANY weakness's is that I have a strong tendency to ANCHOR, and since I last brought this thing in 03' at $19 I REFUSE to pay any thing higher than that for it!
Oh well, sigh, maybe it will get some GREAT news and the stock will COSTANZA back down to $19 where I can pick some up again, WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!

WOOOOO HOOOOOO (I seem to be using that a LOT today, hahahaha), get ready for a CONSTANZA blow up this week:

Eurozone Manufacturing PMI at 13-Month Low, with Germany Worse than Expected, Italy and France in Contraction:...

Countries Ranked by Manufacturing PMI®  

  • Ireland 57.3 176-month high
  • Spain 52.8 4-month low
  • Netherlands 51.7 13-month low
  • Germany 51.4 (flash 52.0 ) 11-month low
  • Austria 50.9 Unchanged
  • Greece 50.1 3-month high
  • Italy 49.8 14-month low
  • France 46.9 (flash 46.5 ) 15-month low 


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