Sunday, July 13, 2014

We took DAL short on Monday July 7th at $38.25 with stop at $39.05. On entry chart you can see what idea was, we had an initial fall in June from $42.66 down to $38.10, or $4.56, it tested that low several times over the next month, and after an inside day on 4/3 we took it under the low on Monday with a stop over the HOD at $38.96. An “Equal Move” target from the high on 4/1 at $40.41 was $35.85, so with a .67 cent stop and $2.44 target that gave us a 3.64 to 1 R/R, very acceptable. It never hurts to have a little luck and when DAL gapped down the next day we closed the trade at $35.05.
My primary focus is swing trades with good Risk/Reward possibility. That mean if we always use proper risk/reward then it would take over three losses for every winner for us NOT to make money. For DAL that mean reward is almost four times bigger than risk and that mean DAL will cover four negative trades or it will bring us reserve for future trades..
Whole point is that every trader will see what I'm looking at and then can use that information to use on your own plan, as blindly following anyone probably won't lead to good results, reason for that are emotions and we are all different.
If you are interested you can join my mentoring program or trading service. If anyone will have any question about trading plan, or how I find those ideas, or how I take exit please feel free to ask, or you can also join us for a two weeks free trial.
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