Sunday, July 06, 2014

Nice blast from the past here, it's an interview with Dave Landry, I have him listed on the links on the left side. I never talk about him as he's a "pay to play", with no affiliate program, plus, in the past, he's been involved with the "Trading Markets" site, which is Larry Connors. He has a little daily market update on that site that you can sign up for if you want, it's called "Market in a Minute", and I've found it pretty worthless.
I own, AND, use as a reference, his two pattern based trading books, I especially like the "Witch's Hat" pattern he came up with. You will notice in the interview that he doesn't talk much about patterns or funnymentals, as with all great, SURVIVING, trader's, he's mostly concerned with RISK MANAGEMENT, which is not just about "STOPS", but being able to ride your winner's as well.

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