Sunday, June 29, 2014


 The main men, the $NYAD's, are showing nothing but good stuff, they continue to lead us higher, they show no signs of any danger what so ever.

The "timer", the $NYSI, is not as strong, it's still on a buy after a little scare last week when it almost went into sell mode, it also has not broken  above the March highs, which is a little concerning for folks like me that look for things to be concerned about. 

The main market, the "SPY", has gone side ways for three weeks now, the "Woodies CCI" has been on a sell signal for the last 12 days of that three weeks, meaning the signal is a little stale and, PROBABLY, not going to lead to a pull back.  Most of the "indicators", at the bottom, are "diverging" against the side ways action of the SPY, which means they are probably working off the over bought conditions through time rather than price.

Our best index the past week was the NasDOGS, QQQ, up 1.18%, they actually broke out to new highs from the 09' fiasco and I swear I never heard Bubblevision once say the NasDOGS broke out to new 14 and 13\64 year highs, as I guess they've given up on spouting their bull shit as they might wait until they get over the March 2000 highs of $120.50 before they start yelling and screaming about it. 
They closed right on the upper bollinger band, but Ninja Trader did not give it a "Bollinger Squeeze" signal, like it did in those prior two boxes when we got big moves. 

On the udder hand it's twin, XLK, IS on a Squeeze signal, for the fourth day, the last signal in the red box led to a very nice move. The Squeeze doesn't tell you in which direction  the break will be, only that a big move is coming. The "Woodies CCI" has been on a sell signal like the SPY, so it thinks the move will be DOWN, but I'll believe THAT when I see it, Grandma YELLIN will NEVER allow some thing like that to happen! 
Other indexes with a Squeeze on include the DIA, only one day so far, XLB, and XLY, not very many of them. 

The big winner's in my 73 markets this week was the Philippines, up 3.38%, then OIH, XIV, and, THEN, TA DA TA TA DA, BONDS, hahahahahaha, as in the TLT, up 2.05%, easily out pacing da NasDOGS, TLT has gained 11.1% in the first half, less dividends, to the SPY's 6.02%, but, of course, you will never hear that from Bubblevision. Our next best major index was IWM, up a whooping .41%, SPY at .14%, with the DIA coming in last with a loss of .35% this week. 

A lot of European countries on the loser's list this week, with Italy, EWI, leading, down 3.06%, others on the list were EWO, EWP, EWQ, EWN, EIRL, EWG, EWK, and not surprising the Europe ETF, VGK, came in minus .99% on the week, just not a good week to be in Euro land. Our worst sector was the DIA's twin, XLI, down .91%, and closely followed by XLE at minus .90%.

There's still 14 markets on Death Crosses, the 20 DMA lower than the 50 DMA, as you might expect some of the Country ETF's started showing up on the list, like ECH, EWK, EIRL, IDX, EIDO, EGPT.

Here's the winner's in the S and P 500 this week. 

And here's the loser's in the S and P this week.

Here's the stocks in the S and P with RSI's over 80, meaning, aaaaahhhhhh, over bought, but, of course, they can probably get MORE over bought.

And for you value investors, here's a list of the stocks in the S and P that are over sold with an RSI of less than 20................

OK, so much for that list!

I mean like, WOW, I am like TOTALLY stoked out MAAAAAAAANNNNNN, I mean, like TOTALLY!! After the close they took US Steel, "X", out of the S and P and replaced them with MLM, I mean, like US Steel is like almost one of the original DOW stocks and has been around for like EVER, over a hundred and some years!! It was founded by JP Morgan in 1901, head quartered in the Empire State building, and it's first President was Charles Schwab. It was the first billion dollar company, and in the DOW from 1901 to 1991.
The reason I'm stoked is because I said to myself, well, why do that, I mean "X" has to have one of the bigger market caps, why not take out one of those little guys down at the bottom??????
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, shock of shocks, "X" IS at the bottom, well, SECOND, in back of CLF, geeze, you must be kidding me, my, how the mighty have fallen, so now one of the true Industrial giants of our time is a mid cap, while the NEW Industrial giants of our time take over, like FB, TWTR, where the only thing they PRODUCE is conversation about the how great this country USED to be, sigh, wad ever, I feel kind of sad.


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