Sunday, June 22, 2014


At 88% the stocks above their 50 DMA in the SPX, $SPXA50R, is as over bought as it's been over the past year, but, of course, it don't mean diddly squat as we can stay over bought for long periods of time as we grind higher, or, we could completely collapse, hahahahaha, ya just never know when we get like this. It's interesting that the pull back in January came NOT at a HIGH in this indicator, but after a couple of LOWER HIGHS, IE, a divergence, which, of course, at new highs we have no divergence at this time. 

The big winner's this week in my 73 markets I keep track of were pretty precious, they were, as in GDX, SLV and GLD were among the leader's as they LOOOOOOOOOOVED what Janet said, as did Japan, EWJ, oil as in XLE and OIH, with the little guys, IWM, popping up on the first page, leading our major markets, up 2.3%, in fact they led the various sectors as well, with XLU and IYT right behind them. The RSP and VOO showed up on the first page as well, but not the SPY as they paid a dividend on Friday, the DIA was our worst major, up a lousy .87%, or 45% a year if it keeps up that "lousy" performance.

There were loser's this week, 23 of them actually, the inverse funds of course, some of the udder worldly markets like EGPT, EIDO, IDX, EWD, TUR, for a change EPI didn't go to Da moon, bonds, TLT and BND, and the emerger's submerged a little, EEM down .11%. 

Even with their big pump this week GDX, GLD and SLV still have a death cross with the 20 DMA below the 50 DMA, along with 13 other markets. 

The first two big winner's in the S and P this week were MA stuff released on Monday, KMX got it's huge pop off of earnings on Friday as they went up 16.50% off an 11.9% earnings beat, plus they gave no guidance so I guess that was good for the other 4.5%. Waaaaaaaaay down at the bottom is one of my favorite tradings stocks, X, which was up 6.14% after NUE and AKS came out with earnings WARNINGS, hahahahahahaha, wonderful, I guess the idea must have been that since they whiffed earnings "X" must be getting all that business, wad ever.

COH and CAG were big loser's off of earnings warnings, VRTX was your typical biotech dump when the words "TRIAL" and "CONCERNS" were used in the same sentence. "WFM continues to get ripped, DRI completely whiffed on earnings, ditto with ORCL, YHOO fell right from the start on Monday when news out of the commies in China said Alibaba had slowing earnings, like, you can believe any thing out of that place any way, wad ever.

These are the stocks in the S and P with an RSI 14 above 80, or over bought if you wonder what that might mean, XLE, OIH, EWC, SMH, AND JNK were all over 80 in the market section, and for all you value inwestor's looking for over sold stocks there were, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, uuuummmmmmm.............. ZERO........... stocks with an RSI of under 20, that makes the pickings just about as slim as they can get.

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