Friday, June 13, 2014


The $NYSI remains on a buy signal although it's pulled back with the markets, a couple of more days of weakness though and it will move to a sell signal.

The surprising one is the main men, the $NYAD's, they've actually pulled back more than the $NYSI, even more surprising is that we failed to "Thrust" higher with the break out in the markets, very weak move compared to the markets. Of course, we haven't made any lower low's or divergences, so it's still all right, this thing won't become a major problem until we have a pull back and then the markets make new all time highs but the NAD's fail to confirm it, like in 2000 and 07'.

The SPY basically remains in No Man's land, not much going on other than the low volume on up days, on the top chart page there's no bollinger squeeze, the Woodies CCI is on it's third day of a sell signal, and the PSAR stop was hit on Friday, we've pulled back about half way to the swing high break out in late May above $191, it might generate some interest should we test that swing high.
The "Indicator's" below the chart are in neutral as well, we turned back right at the sell signal on the ADX, and the 13 period STOCH is the only one on sell, the 60 period STOCH is trying to pull back off of massively over bought levels, both RSI's are trying to stabilize at the 50 level.

The big winner in my 73 markets I monitor this week was GDX, up 6.5%, followed by VXX, then oil popped 4%, USO, as the energy ghouls do their best to kill the consumer. EWZ was the best Country ETF, up 3.81%, our best sectors were SMH, XLE and OIH, sneaking in at the bottom of the first page was the short S and P fund, SH, and bonds, TLT. Putin beat Obama again, RSX up .49% while the SPY was down .64%, our best index was the little guys, IWM down .24%, our worst index was the DIA, down a massive .86% on the week.

The worst market this week was XIV, down 5%, as it leads going down as well as it does going up, India was the worst Country ETF, EPI down 4.16%, a little hang over I guess after that huge run up. Transports were our worst sector, IYT down 2% on the week, with the oil spike having nothing to do with the drop (right? RIGHT???), followed by real estate, IYR, then XLY and XLI, and down at the bottom was the XLU, down 1.24%, which is a little surprising,  with bonds HIGHER I woulda thunk they'd be higher.

16 markets are on a death cross, 20 DMA below 50 DMA, with our only sector still on the list being XLU.

Here's the top 20 winner's in the S and P 500 this week, the most notable is probably INTC, up 6% on the week, all of it on Friday, as they raised their guidance,  the pop is hilarious as it shows how desperate the market maker's and broker's are to try and generate ANY THING in it, for even with the guidance their revenues, operating income and margins are still all down since 2011, the DCF at has fair value on it 16% lower at $25.79, and the boyz on "Fast Money" ripped it as what it does is set them up for a possibly HUGE earnings miss on July 15th, as they will have to blow them away to justify the jump.

TSN was the big loser this week, down 11.69% as they WON the bidding war for Hillshire, which at 8.5 BILLION is the largest take over ever in the meat business. Hhmmm, buy a hot dog maker at all time highs when beef is also at ALL TIME HIGHS, rather than at decade lows a few years ago, hhhhhhmmmmmm, well, I guess beef prices will NEVER go down again in my life time.

For you shorter's here's the most over bought stock's in the S and P, with RSI's over 80, the SMH and XLE join that list from the market monitor list, for you value investor's I'd show the list of over sold stocks with an RSI UNDER 20................ BUT THERE ARE NONE, hahahahahahahahaha, sigh, wad ever, there's actually only two that are even under 30, CLF and PVH, just amazing stuff it is.


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