Friday, May 23, 2014


The main men, the $NYAD's, are looking good, as they are in the preferred position of "leading" the market higher again, HOWEVER

The $NYSI remains on a pretty solid sell signal, even the weekly chart had a little red bar this week, HOWEVER, we HAVE turned UP, AND, we could get a buy signal in a day or two if we get more upside.

Putin kicked Obama's ass AGAIN this week, as RSX was the big winner in my 73 markets that I monitor, up 5.41% this week, they were followed by India and Turkey, EPI and TUR, I don't know how many weeks in a row that is for Putin but I know they've kicked butt since Obama said to SHORT him, up like 25-30% since that day.
Our best major index this week was in the number six spot, QQQ up 2.47%, followed by the little guys, IWM, up 2.19%, the SPY and DIA aren't on the first page, they are on page two, up 1.22 and .74% respectively, which is typical as the most beaten up ones finally get the bounce. Our best sector was XLY, followed by IYT, up 2.09 and 1.81%, by the way, Carter Worth on "Options Action" said to short the shit out of the IYT, wad ever, I would agree accept that I've vowed to never short ANY THING again in my life time.

I was actually kind of surprised that there were 27 markets that were down this week, but I guess a lot of those Udder markets could care less if it's a pre-holiday week here in the states, Indonesia and Brazil sure didn't care, down 3.92 and 2.94% on the week. We had three sectors that were down this week, XLU, TLT and IYR, all interest rate related as the 10 year rates went up a whooping 18 basis points on the week, hahahahahahha, a REAL killer, it was, the rates also kept GLD and SLV basically flat for the week.
By the way, TLT remains our best major market for the year, up 11.75% before dividends, compared to our best  major stock index, the SPY is up 3.52% on the year to date.

The markets with a death cross of the 20 and 50 DMA's dropped to 18 this week, I believe it was the Q's that dropped off the list, the IWM, SMH, XLY, XLF, GLD, SLV, and GDX all remain on the list.
There was one market that was over bought on the RSI 14 over 80, the EPI, there was a total of.........aaaaaahhhhhhhhh........ZERO....... markets that were over sold under 20, good luck to all you value inwestor's out there. That includes the INVERSE funds as well, so basically every thing is just in no man's land.

The list of winner's in the S and P 500 this week is showing some of the "Risk On" stocks, like NFLX, TRIP, VRTX, TIF, even GOOG had a very nice week, up 6.16%.

PETM has two, count'em, TWO distinctions this week, they were the worst performing stock in the index, down 14.88%, AND, they were the only, THE ONLY SINGLE STOCK IN THE ENTIRE S AND P 500, that was over sold below 20 on the 14 period RSI, JUST UNSTINKING FRICKING BELIEVEABLE!!!!!!
SIGH, no wonder I love this market so much.

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