Sunday, May 11, 2014

The $NYSI went on an "official" sell signal today, but being the wise ass I Yam I've decided it's going to be one of those infamous "Whip Saw" signals, so I've decided to ignore it ................................. hahahahahahahahahahahaha...........HAH! Every time I decide I'm smarter than what the numbers say I get my ass kicked of course, but, HEY, it wouldn't be the first time. There's no reason to post any other charts, nothing changed today from what I posted yesterday, just another shitty day in paradise.

Putin was the big winner again this week over Obama, RSX leading the up side in my 73 markets I monitor, up 6.37% on the week, seems kind of strange to me that the VIX opposite, XIV, came in second at 4.28%, while the QID came in seventh at 1.50%, but who am I to judge. Our best sector was IYR up 1.2%, followed by the DEFENSIVE staples, XLP, at .70%. The DOW was our best major market, DIA up .59%
they were followed by the......aaaaaahhhhhhhh....... hold on a minute, I'm looking.............hhmmmm........ I'm still looking .................

Oh, there they are, on the loser's list, the SPY was down .05%, followed by XLF at .24%, the NasDOGS, QQQ, down ..79%, with the winner being, eeeeeerrrrrrrr, LOSER winner, the little guys, IWM down 1.79% on the week. With 40 of the 73 markets down this week I just can't believe that VXX was the second worst loser on the week, that means that people are either absolutely stupid and doing their best Alfred E. Neuman impression, or the VXX is probably one of the single worst "investing" vehicles in the market, I tend toward the latter, although it may be a toss up. I'm also a little surprised to see TLT on the list, down 1.30% on the week, I woulda thunk with the flight into XLP they would also be buying bonds, plus it seemed like all I heard out of the media was how interest rates were hitting their LOWEST levels "SINCE", blah blah blah, wad ever.

19 of the markets remain on the Death Cross, 20MA below the 50MA, I think the RSP was the only new one of the list, but it's kind of a rounding error between platforms, in fact, here's a chart of it:

If that isn't the damnest looking thing I think I've seen in a while, you think there's resistance at $73.50??? This of course, is the, BETTER, S and P 500, but we don't talk about that, do we? It looks like some kind of head and shoulders with the head being one of the Muppets, hahahahahahahaha! That drop off the head was almost a perfect two wave "Equal Move" corrective wave, from 74 to 72, then up to 73 and down to 71, GENERALLY, off of a "corrective" wave, you get some follow through, I don't consider side ways for almost a month to be "follow through", but, wad ever.

The three top winner's in the S and P 500 this week were interesting, EA led proving the unemployed have nothing to do but play games all day, Obamacare doing it's job with HUM going to Da stinking moon, and DTV flying as the bastards continually raise their fricking rates, and now they are going to merge with a stinking cable outfit, just fricking WONDERFUL, the roach's!! This after WE spent the trillions to develop the technology to put the satellite's up there, and our reward is their asinine fricking fee's they charge, all thanks to our AHOLES in Washington DC, sigh! How come they broadcast out of antenna's and we get it free, while they ride our rockets and technology into space, we charge like NOTHING to put them there, then they put the same stinking commercials and crap in the programming, AND WE HAVE TO PAY FOR IT???!!!!! IS THIS A GREAT COUNTRY OR WHAT!!!!! I remember when I got my first dish, geeze, 20 some years ago or so, IT WAS FREE, until they figured out how to scramble the signal, hahahahahaha! Ya Know, the stinking dish outfits should have to pay US, to watch their stinking commercials, my god, they are worse than the over the air major networks.

I get so upset when I think about those bastards I can't even see the loser's list, sigh, wad ever, there it is, for any slimy bottom fisher's that might find some thing interesting, which speaking of that, you KNOW, that's what Warren Buffett does, as the StockBee points out in his post about the Cherry Coke and the 52 week low's list, or some thing like that.
Speaking of butt holes, I was proof reading on the site and I kind of scanned through the Twitter feed I have in the right column, how come most of the feeds are NOT the feeds that I have on my list?????? AND WHAT IN THE HELL IS BUBBLEVISION DOING SHOWING UP ON IT????
KEEP IT UP TWITTER!! You think your stock is low NOW, just wait if you keep this crap up.


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