Sunday, May 18, 2014


The daily $NYSI confirmed it'a sell signal, I thought we might get one of those whip saws a few days ago, but it stayed beneath the 10MA.

The $NYSI weekly chart has made a lower high with two red weeks in a row, once this gets going it can trend on the weekly chart for quite a while.

 The big winner this week in my 73 markets is India, EPI, up 9.92% and the only chart that has an RSI 14 that is over bought above the 80 level, there are NO markets that are over sold below the 20 level, a real value hunter's dream, hahahahahaha. Putin beats Obama again as there are no US markets above the RSX, TLT came the closest at 2.07%, followed by the IYT up 1.72%. Our best Major market was the NasDOGS, QQQ up 1.05%, followed by the SPY at .05%, then that was it, IWM was down .42% and the DIA went from first to worst this week, down .67%.

Our biggest down market this week was the financials, XLF down .84%, 26 of the 73 markets were lower led by Ireland, EIRL down 7.77% on the week.

QQQ, IWM, XLF, GLD, SLV, GDX, XLY,XLV, all remain on a death cross of the 20 and 50 DMA's. 

The top three winner's in the S and P last week were JWN, IRM and ADSK, all double digit winner's. There were 238 stocks higher in the S and P with 261 lower and ONE stock, WFC, dead flat for the week. There are 3 stocks that are over bought, RSI 14 above 80, POM, CTL and EXPD, and there is one stock, count'em, ONE STOCK, WFM, that is over sold on the RSI 14, that is below the 20 level, so all you OVER BOUGHT/OVER SOLD players can just go crazy picking through ALL those stocks, hahahahaha! 

The tops three loser's were FOSL, CHK, and PCP, just missing the party was FSLR, down 5.65% on the week, and down 20.6% since their ANAL-yst day guidance from mid March when three of the ANAL's came out and upgraded them the next day, UBS, Northland and DB, I mean, can you sue these people for being LIAR's?????


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