Sunday, May 11, 2014

Soooooooo, it's been snowing over night here, and it's supposed to snow most of the day, and rain tomorrow, this is a "walk" day for me, so that's totally like, SCREWED, maannnn, so I'm like, well, I'll just check out FinVIZ and see what I'm going to short the shit out of this week, or buy the hell out of, I have a screen called "Liquid ETF", which lists all the ETF's with over 1 million shares traded each day on average, so I'm like, well, with the DIA and SPY sitting right on all time highs there has to be a million of them to short, so I check it out to see who looks the most over bought:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, roachey MF'ER, geeze, I can't believe it, it may surprise some people but there's only 119 ETF's that average over a million shares a day, any way, THERE's exactly ONE that is over bought, PFF, which is absolutely worthless to try and sell call spreads against, although it "could" be a pretty good "investment", if it ever gets a massive pull back.
Well, ok, since none are over bought, I guess there must be a shit pile of them that are over sold, so I'll check them out:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, there's exactly ZERO .................. sigh...................... ssssooooooooooooooooooo, you guy's got lot's of stuff planned for Mother's Day????

This situation can't persist for long (or CAAANNNNNN it???), we are building up for a HUGE move, but with the DIA and SPY sitting just off their all time highs, and the IWM in correction territory and the Q's working on a massive head and shoulders that would send them MUCH lower, it's hard to say who's to pull whom in what direction first. If I had to guess (which is my only strategy), I'd say the first break out will be FALSE, as Da Boyz try to suck in all the long's or short's waiting for the break out in their direction, then they take it to them.
Wad ever.


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