Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Hahahahahahahaha........sigh, if your going to be a "shorter", you better be quick and you better take profits, those four charts above are a couple of shorts I posted this morning, the damn thing went up a full point after my second trade. That's actually a beautiful looking candle, with good volume, so, it, SHOULD, go higher tomorrow, BUTT, my "Market Monitor" is not looking to hot:

You can see the number of stocks on the daily and weekly time frame that are DOWN 4% have been increasing DRAMATICALLY, which fly's right in the face of the big 117 point UP DAY in the DOW and 10 handle UP DAY in the SPX.
I mean, it doesn't mean we can't turn around just as dramatically tomorrow in the OTHER direction, it's just that this is NOT a good situation AT ALL! The only thing going up is the Mega caps while the rest of the market has not been performing that good, but, regardless, the $NYSI and $NYAD's remain on solid buys, soooooooooooooooooo......................... do wad Ya have Ta Do I guess.


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