Sunday, April 06, 2014


The winners in my weekly monitor of 74 various markets is mostly composed of the udder worldly markets, with Turkey, TUR, the big winner again, up 8.63%, with Russia, RSX, a distant second at 3.62%. Keeping with my post about NOBODY CARES, despite the big sell off Friday the XIV was up 3.59% on the week, I guess "it" won't matter until it does. Our best market was the IYT, 1.67%, followed by the XLI  down at the bottom at 1.57%. Following in that vein the stoogie old DOW was the best of our major markets on the week, DIA up .63%, then SPY at .49%, financials, XLF, up .27%, with the little guys bringing up the rear, IWM up .17%, the rest are in the loser's below.

The loser's column was led by Alfred E. Neuman, as in What, me worry, as the VXX was down 3.93%, the Q's were our big loser, down a WHOPPING .78% on the week, this despite the awe inspiring drop of 2.66% on Friday, they were followed by more of the What, me NOT worry, bonds, TLT down .58%.
Maybe if the Q's lose another 2.66% tonight into Monday's open Alfred will change his mind.

APC led the S and P 500 this week, up 18.97%, as they are being sued less than normal, having to spend ONLY another 5.15 billion on clean up, ISRG flew 16.21% as they introduced a new code for Tom Hanks to solve, BTU was up 6.81% as I guess coal is the new Nat gas, F jumped 4.40% when it was revealed their sales in March jumped 100% over February, as they sold two car's rather than one as some guy in Minnihaha managed to dig out of his house and go next door to his Ford dealer and buy a pickup to dig out the rest of his cars.

For the second week in a row the big loser's in the S and P were the big MoMo and biotech stocks, or social media stocks and stocks with their heads in the "cloud" with 1000 P/E's.

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