Monday, April 07, 2014

The $NYSI is "trying" to get back on a sell signal, it hasn't quite but it don't look good, the Q's had an indecisive candle today with big volume, I don't know, they still have an unfilled gap at $84, even with the drop they don't have a minimum cross of the 20 and 50 SMA for the first DEATH CROSS.

ANYWAY, I'm seriously bummed out, I blew my computer up this weekend trying to get Windows 7 loaded, I gave up and took it to my Guru today, a little 110 mile round trip, sign, such are the horrors of living out in the middle of no where, I'm working off my old computer (YUCK!) and I don't know how long this will hold up. I should have the other one back in a couple of days, which will end up being a back up to the new one I have ordered that I should get in about a week, so I won't be around much until then.

Good luck to you, and people laughed at my "QUAKING IN YOUR BOOTS " post last week, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..................

Are Bank Stocks Sending an SOS Signal?

By Elliott Wave International
If you turn on CNBC first thing in the morning -- like I do -- you hear a lot about market indicators. Consumer behavior, GDP numbers, the Fed, interviews with CEOs -- it's all in the mix. Well, we try to look at indicators that mainstream finance often overlooks. For example... Read more.


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