Tuesday, April 01, 2014


The main men, the $NYAD's, blasted higher today and are back in the "preferred" situation of "leading" the markets higher, the $NYSI is still on a SELL signal, HOWEVER, one more day of upside should trigger a new buy signal.
Both the SPY and DIA made new ATH's, both on declining volume, but volume hasn't meant any thing since the rally started five years ago, accept on down days, however the BIG winners were the laggards, QQQ and IWM, up 1.76% and 1.32% respectively, as the, "RISK ON", trade, may be back in full bloom. The Q's ran right into their declining 20 DMA, but should have no probably over coming it as long as the love affair was not a one night stand.
A little wierd thing today was the Index P/C, $CPCI, jumped to 1.61, the highest since May of last year, while the equity P/C, $CPCE, fell to .47, very very low. The explanation, to ME, is the big boys were buying equities hand over fist and using the index puts to hedge their MASSIVELY over leveraged margin debt.

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