Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Just a quick note about yesterday, I'm just now getting into my new WIN 7 OS so I'm basically in CHAOS, hahahahahaha, I did manage to get my old EXCEL file for the Market Monitor into my new Open Office program, so I'm updating it and I find out that yesterday, on this HUGE UP DAY, out of 2900 stocks in the monitor 66 were 4% HIGHER, while 80 were 4% LOWER, so I think, well, since I'm in CHAOS, that can't be right, so I casually check out the home page on FinVIZ and sure as shit, in the red box you see that we made 116 new highs and 121 new LOWS, DEFINITELY, NOT, what you want to see at the start of the new BubbleVision massive rally into infinity and beyond. All the indexes put on a candle similar to the Q's at the top, a type of hanging man piece of junk, IE, indecisiveness, so basically I wouldn't read to much into yesterday, IE, I don't think I'd be chasing the new fantastic rally just yet.
I said that, "I'D", wouldn't be chasing it, that don't mean that, "YOU'D", can't chase it if you want to, futures are basically flat this morning as Da Boyz on Da Street figure out who they are going to screw the most today, so good luck to every one out there in La La Land, as I get back to my CHAOS!


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