Sunday, April 13, 2014


The Q's, COULD, have an, OMINIOUS, head and shoulders forming, BUTT, as we, ALL, know, they DON'T work any more, at least since the aholes at the FED took control of the markets since 09'. There's "possibly" two scenarios here, we may have already put the Right Shoulder in from three days ago, OR, since we are sitting on HUGE support, we, MAY, rally back up to set another shoulder before the DEVASTATING, CATACLYSMIC, CATASTROPHIC (that's my best Robert Mchugh impersonation, hahahahahaha) decline into the depths of HELL, or, well, at least a measured move points to "about" $77.
My, PERSONAL, interpretation of what's going on  right now is our friends, DA BOYZ on DA STREET, are trying to force Yellin to yell a lot, get her in panic mode, and hope she lowers the discount window to MINUS -10%, or where the FED PAY'S them 10% to borrow money, and they then turn around and buy treasuries for a little more yield.

The main men, the $NYAD's, are NOT crashing right now, in fact the opposite is happening, the market is actually leading the NAD's to the down side, well, at least SO FAR they are.

The $NYSI is on SELL of course, naturally, but the decline so far does not seem to be as steep as the prior two declines, doesn't mean we won't accelerate. I just love it when we get those nasty little whip saws like we had in the red circle, I did say I didn't like the buy signal it was supposedly giving, but I also said a signal is a signal, sigh.

The $NYMO is now where near OVER sold, at a MINIMUM you would want to see it below 60, and a TRUE over sold reading is more like -100.

The weekly winners in my Market Monitor continue to be the Udder Worldly markets with Chile rising 3% this week, ECH, a lot of the inverse funds as you would expect, bonds with TLT up 2.09%.

The loser's were legion this week, also as you would expect, kind of a surprise that Japan was the worst loser, -4.85%, the bands, XLF, was our worst sector down 4%, our worst major was the little guys, IWM, down 3.56%, followed by the SPY at 2.62%, and in a major UPSET the NasDOG's were way down in third place, listenting to Bubblevision you would have SWORN they lost 50% this week, the Q's were only down the same as the SPY, but I calced it out and they beat the SPY by one ten thousand of a percent.

The winner's in the S and P 500 were kind of a mixed bunch, with great companies in there like IBM, MCD, K, COST, and then the piece of shits like, well, FACE BOOK!

The loser's in the S and P were kind of a funny bunch as well, several banks like JPM, RF, GNW, LM, some biotechs, MYL, GILD, booze as in STZ, a stamp seller like PBI, the bee's were not making honey this week with BBBY and BBY down, AMP lost it's spark, the people on vacation got tripped up, TRIP down, etc etc etc etc.

I just got the new computer running this morning, it took me three 110 mile round trips for the fricking computer GURU to finally tell me that all I had to do was hit F8 on start up and click on low level resolution start up, sigh, wad ever, I should have them both back to snuff by Monday, so I can watch the CRASH in REAL TIME, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...................................... let's see, what was that post I did a couple of weeks ago when SOME people laughed at me..........................

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