Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Very strange day today, AGAIN, decent up day and yet the $NYSI remains on a solid SELL signal, the main men, the $NYAD's, are just wallowing around, the $NYHL  collapsed the last two days, and the worst thing is my UP/DOWN 4% list increased over 200 issues on the weekly DOWN side, was DOWN almost 100 issues on the PLUS side, and the daily had more issues DOWN 4% than up, +49 to -61.
I'm not making any predictions, but it just always intrigues me when the DOW is up over 90 points and the $SPX up 8 handles yet the bulk of the market was DOWN, if I was a conspiracy nut I might say that, "SOME BODY", was using a few of the Mega cap stocks to try and hold us up, as the IWM was actually lower on the day.
I'll be a lot more impressed if the internals start to turn around and lead us back higher.


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