Monday, March 10, 2014

No reason to show the breath indicators, they are still on "GO", the $NYA50R is getting a little, aaaahhhhh, frothy, but, HEY, who cares, it's a little concerning that "they" sold the shit out of the gap up after the decent payroll report, but, HEY, who cares, it's a little concerning that we had that down day ahead of the weekend as Mondays have been HORRID this year, but, HEY, who cares, it's all GOOD!

India was the big winner in my 80 markets this week, up 5.14%, this was followed by Yellin's dream of creating run away inflation for food products for the middle class as the DBA was FLYING for the second week in a row, up 4.31%, but of course I'm not worried about it as the FED keeps saying THERE IS NO INFLATION! Wad ever, our best sector this week was the Transports, IYT up 3.35%, as I guess we are transporting a lot of arms over to the Ukraine area, XLF came in next, up 3.15% as I guess Wall Street was buying themselves, XLB was up 2.30% on the inflation trade. Our best major was the IWM, up 1.86%, followed by the SPY, then the DIA, and for the second week in a row the NasDOGS came in last, QQQ up .22%.

For some reason Russia was the big loser again this week, RSX down 6.39%, I imagine Puke'in will make a deal with Da Street over the weekend to end the problems if they will jack his index higher next week. Bonds came in down on the week, TLT down 2.23%, and putting on a bearish engulfing bar on the weekly chart, which, UNDER NORMAL TIMES, would indicate more down side next week. In a sign of the new world the EEM actually finished HIGHER on the week, last May they CRASHED under the threat of higher interest rates, now, it's an excuse to go HIGHER, sigh, IT'S ALL GOOD!

Staples was the big loser in the S and P 500 this week, down 15.55%, they were joined on the list by some other retailers like FDO, GPS and BBY, I guess computer sales are slow again as the disk makers showed up, STX and WDC, higher interest rates are obviously not good for home builders, and three of them showed up on the list, DHI, LEN and PHM, I keep looking for a bottom in CLF and this week I got to look 6.89% lower, hahahahaha, hhhmmmm, maybe I should stop watching it, they always go up when I'm not watching.

The winner's this week in the S and P were actually a very nice mix of a bunch of different sector's, as the "ROTATION" trade is alive and well, stoogie old Genworth, GNW, was the BIG winner, as, again, I guess Wall Street was buying themselves.

Here's some fun stuff, Whitney Tilson was out this week talking his book on SODA, it's funny ain't it, the SEC in it's infinite wisdom let's him get away with pumping his holdings trying to sell them at a higher price to us retails but they put poor little Martha Stewart in jail for acting on a stock tip she got at a party, hahahahaha, ANYWAY, the chart doesn't look that stinking great if you ask me (YOU DIDN'T!), but I gotta admit the "METRICS" just kill KO and PEP, geeze, the thing is MUCH cheaper on the P/E, PEG, P/S, and P/B, I don't follow it, and I usually screw around with KO, just like Colorado.............., but I'm seriously considering changing my "investment" thesis.
Here's a fun thing that I check all the time now at "Guru Focus", it's their discounted cash flow fair value pricing model,, when you punch them in KO is 31% OVER VALUED, PEP 49% OVER VALUED, while SODA is actually cheaper than PEP, as it's, ONLY, 40% over valued.

Carter Worth actually had some thing interesting on "Options Action" this week, he talked about the MASSIVE head and shoulders on WFM, he seemed really adamant that this sucker is heading DOWN! An "Equal Move" scenario is pointing to the $35 "area" if it breaks that neck line at $50, just a thought.


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