Thursday, March 13, 2014

The $NYSI joined the $NYAD's in a new SELL signal today. 

I would never, ever, and I mean, EVER, be so bold as to say the markets may be running into a little, aaaaahhhhh, trouble, here, but we did some things today that haven't been done in quite a little while. The drop looks like NOTHING on the chart of the SPY at the top, but the main men, the $NYAD's, gave a sell signal today, plus the STOCH, MACD and Wilders RSI are all trying to signal the same thing and are turning down. ALSO, my market monitor at the bottom that has 2500 stocks in it made a dramatic move today, as you can see the stocks that have been up 4% or higher for a weekly period has been very strong for a month, and then today almost 500 of the stocks that have been up 4% or more on the week dropped off the list, a very dramatic move indeed.
I mean, I'm SURE that any pull back will be brought with a vengeance by you raging bull's, but if I was all in LONG here, I might think about putting on a little protection, you just never know.

A 9-1 DOWN volume day is BEARISH

Biggest Bubble Ever Marks 5th Year of Stock Rally
Dallas Fed president: Asset-price bubble "may result in tears" for investors
By Elliott Wave International
The 2007-2009 crisis was only the first phase of a historic financial flameout. Today, a Federal Reserve Bank president warns that an asset-price bubble "may result in tears" for investors. Read more.


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