Tuesday, April 01, 2014

DOW stats since 1950

The DOW finished very slightly lower for the first quarter today, I fully expect it to take out that high from the last trading day in December some time this month and make new all time highs, maybe TOMORROW!
Our friends at BreakPointTrades.com sent us a very nice summary of DOW stats from 1950 this morning, it might make an interesting read. ANYWAY, I'm keeping in mind one stat they don't have on there, which the folks at "The Stock Traders Almanac" consider the most important stat, that being that the DOW  took out the December lows. In the past this has led to further weakness some time during the current year. 

Are Bank Stocks Sending an SOS Signal?

By Elliott Wave International
If you turn on CNBC first thing in the morning -- like I do -- you hear a lot about market indicators. Consumer behavior, GDP numbers, the Fed, interviews with CEOs -- it's all in the mix. Well, we try to look at indicators that mainstream finance often overlooks. For example... Read more.


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