Saturday, March 15, 2014

Here's a nice video from Peter Amaral at about determining trend for swing trading analysis, he talks about how to use keltner channels, the Vortex indicator, which is similar to the ADX, MA envelopes, PSAR, the reason I bring it up is because it is timely, as he uses the S and P 500 from Friday. 
It's about 15 minutes long, just click on the "YouTube" icon to go right to the page. 

As posted Thursday the $NYAD's and $NYSI are both on sell's, nothing changed on Friday. Five of the indicators in the bottom panel are on sell, we opened and closed under the 20 DMA, the PSAR fired a sell for the first time since early February, as did the HMA. The candle is neither here nor there, it could go either way, I mean, it "COULD", be the pause that leads to more losses, and Mondays have NOT been kind to the bull's this year, so, we shall see.
I know the market is just random, and not manipulated by any one, like, THE FED, but it sure seems funny to me that the prior swing highs on that chart were $184.69 and $184.66, and we closed it right at $184.66, that's called HOLDING THE PRIOR SWING HIGHS, hahahahahahaha! That $184.69 was the close of last year, so the SPY is DOWN a WHOPPING 3 cents for the year, which may be enough to send Yellin into a panic next week and cause her to end tapering, sigh, wad ever, if we do just a MINIMUM 38.2% retracement it would take us to around $183, which is also where the 50 DMA is sitting, or we could blast off again to new highs if they solve the Russian thing this weekend. 

The big winners in my 80 markets this week were few and far between, mostly the inverse funds, although one Country was FLYING this week, Indonesia, EIDO up 6.21%. Our big winner's were the DEFENSE, with TLT up 2.48% and XLU not far behind at 2.25%. Lucky for the FED the DBA was up again this week, although only .78%, but it keeps their inflationary dreams alive.

The loser's were Legion, led by the two main culprits for the week, Russia and China, FXI -5.60% and RSX -5.54%, all the big winner's on that page are Foreign stocks as none of our main indexes could manage to make the list, the only sector on the list was oil, with OIH and USO down over 3%, UNG showed up, down 4.27%, but, NATURALLY, it's after winter is over so it don't do me any stinking fricking good, the ROACH'S!

The winner's in the S and P 500 were a bunch of stocks I don't see much, NEM was the BIG winner as the beaten down gold miner popped on the prevailing despair, there's a lot of the utility stocks on there during the flight to safety, energy, a biotech, ya know, things like that.

There were 397 loser's in the S and P this week, and good old GM was the BIG WINNER, hahahahaha, Government Motors down 9.55%, as it was disclosed that they've been trying to KILL the people that bailed them out, WAY TO GO GM!! Next time buy a fricking FORD, they didn't want any welfare money, AND, they haven't tried to kill us since the PINTO's in the 1970's!! Not a lot of former high flyer's on the list, but a few, like PVH, PH, WYNN, PCLN, FFIV, and speaking of LOW flyer's I can't make up my mind if BTU is the BUY OF THE CENTURY, or it's going broke, tangible book value at Guru Focus on the DCF page is $14.49, so "maybe" it stops around there.

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