Sunday, February 09, 2014

What I've always SUSPECTED, turns out to be TRUE, hahahahahahahahaha, ROACH'S!!

The all important NAD's, $NYAD, are back in a "preferable" position, that is, leading the markets to the upside.

The $NYSI is still not close to a buy signal, although it did turn up slightly on Friday with the euphoria over the lousy NON-job's report.

A few of our Major indexes have done what I consider to be the "Death Cross", the 20 SMA crossing below the 50 SMA, I consider this much more useful for short term trading, those would be the $NYA, DIA, SPY, $SML, $WLSH, close but no cigar are the IWM and MID. Only two have not surpassed their short term resistance levels, the DIA and IWM, the SPY ran right into it's declining 20 SMA and stopped, but if we can just get some more lousy news I'm sure Da Boyz will have no problem blowing through it. 

The winner's this week in my 80 markets were Legion, as we only had 11 loser's. The first page above is dominated by all those emerging markets that were so hated and had record out flows last week, oil squeaked in down at the bottom of the list. Our majors were led by, NATURALLY,  the NasDOGS, QQQ, up 1.19% on the week in 39th position, they were followed by SPY up .84%, DIA up .66%, with the IWM actually DOWN 1.26%, the fifth worst market in my entire list for the week, it seems to me pretty unusual that the little guys under performed so badly.

A few of the loser's in the S and P 500 for the week that I found a little surprising were the refiners, TSO and VLO, trucker CHRW at the second worst, drive maker STX down 5.5%, and the big one, Mikey, MSFT, down 3.38%, I guess Mr. Market voted on the new CEO.

The winner's list is just as a courtesy to the BTATFH'ers, one thing I found interesting is the, quote, METRICS, on these stocks:

The message seems pretty clear to me, just buy the most over valued pieces of junk you can get your hands on, YOU CAN'T LOSE!!

Just for, FUN, I ran a, quote, VALUE, screen on those 500 stocks, this is the massive number it spit out:

ONE, hahahahahaha, GNW, the screen is one I picked up from some value investor, I forget who it was, it's metrics are P/E under 15, Price/Cash under 3, Price/Sales under 2, Price/Book under 1.

When I ran the screen on all stocks over $5, one showed up with an interesting looking chart, MBI:

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