Sunday, February 16, 2014

SO, the Doctor is BAC, Brett Steenbarger that is, SO, just to make myself feel bad about myself, I checked out what he's reading, , and sure enough, I FEEL BAD ABOUT MYSELF, hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!
Sigh, ANYWAY, I heard some idiot on Bubblevision repeat the oft quoted truism of "Markets" the other day, that being "Markets climb the stairway but fall down the elevator shaft", talking about the recent MASSIVE pull BAC in the markets, SO, to get in tune with the good DR, I put on my Quantitative hat and decided to check it out myself:
All I can say, is we must still be in the "COSTANZA MARKETS", I took a casual look at the SPY on FinVIZ on the weekly chart, there's basically been five pull BAC's since August of 2012 on their chart, I took them from the first down week to the LOWEST point of the pull BAC, and starting with:
1- nine weeks DOWN, eight weeks back to the prior high
2- nine weeks DOWN, seven weeks back to the prior high
3- six weeks DOWN, two weeks back to the prior high
4- three weeks DOWN, ONE week back to the prior high
5-    "        "          "       ,    "         "       "     "    "     "      "

Based on this EXTENSIVE study, "Markets walk DOWN the stairway but fall UP the elevator shaft".

Ya Know, this thing has just been ALL OVER the WackOSphere, "The 1929 Analog", , it shows the chilling similarity between the 29' crash and now. NOW, you KNOW, how bearish I tend to be, but even I think it's the stupidest thing I've ever seen, I mean, COME ON, sure, maybe the chart looks the same, but the economic and Macro conditions are just about exact polar OPPOSITES, I mean, things are so much worse...............NOW..............than................THEN.............IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE..................HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....................HAH!!

The winner's last week in my 80 markets I monitor were Legion, the first page above being mainly composed of precious metals, or those EEM markets supposedly HATED by so many, the thing I found a little interesting was with the exception of the SMH, which was up 4.22%, our big winner's were the XLU, up 3.6%, and the stoogie old DOW, DIA up 3.49%, sssooooooooo, the, DEFENSIVE, indexes were leading us higher, our other ones showed up on the second page, IWM up 2.99%, QQQ 2.88%, and the SPY bringing up the rear at 2.42%.

I'm not sure, but I think this was the lowest number of loser's I've ever had on the monitor, seven, and they were the inverse funds, bonds, and Israel. I would of thunk that with XLU the beeeeg wiener that bonds would have been right there with them, but I woulda thunk wrong, obviously.

Here's the big loser's in the S and P 500 for the week, I can see why a couple of the rail roader's showed up on the list, KSU and NSC, for based on the list they weren't shipping very many food products, shirt's, beauty products, soda pop, cigarettes, office products, or cable TV systems to the home.

As always, the big winners are presented as a courtesy to all you BTATFH'er's. ACTUALLY, NEM showed up with a case of the BTATFing LOWER's, hahahahahaha, a little exception to the "rule".

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