Thursday, February 27, 2014

I find it a little, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, "strange", that on a day when we make new all time highs, the $VIX and the $TRIN finished higher than at any other new all time highs made since last October.
I mean, don't get me wrong, NOTHING, will ever stop this market again, at least in my life time, it just seems to me that a BULL TRAP gap down tomorrow would not be out of the question for those bastards on Da Street, that would certainly generate the most surprise among inwestors.
If we don't get it, well, same old same old.

Here's another strange one, the Risk on/Risk Off ratio, SPY:TLT, has actually gone DOWN this week as inwestor's are fleeing to the "saftey" of bonds, I woulda THUNK, that this ratio would be making a new high time high with the markets, but I'd Da thunk wrong I guess.


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