Monday, January 06, 2014


Here's some chart's I haven't shown in quite a while, that's  because they are my SUPER DUPER QUADRUPLE SECRET Ninja Trader timing charts!!!
NATURALLY, there's nothing on them that you can't get on the generic Ninja platform, I just like to sound dramatic, like I've found the HOLY GRAIL, hahahahaha! The SPY weekly is at the top with the daily at the bottom, forget the weekly, every thing is on GO, I'm more interested in the daily because, well, it's more interesting, I'm showing the SPY but all the indexes look exactly the same. The red and green vertical lines are based on the HMA indicator on the price part, the Hull MA, it tends to "lead" in some cases, it turns green when it thinks the market is going UP, and turns red when it thinks the markets going, aaaaahhhhh, hhhmmmmm, let me think about this a minute, oh, yea, DOWN! It works all right but the main "indicator" is the "Woodies CCI", which is the top indicator box. I drew green boxes on the signal line, which is the middle line that turns red and green, just to show that it tends to "LEAD" when the market is going to go DOWN, for some strange reason it tend to trigger at about the same time as the HMA when the market turns up, it probably hates UP markets as much as me, hahahahahahahahaha!! They both tend to line up with signals on the MACD and RSI under it, the ROC at the bottom is simple, you are either above the ZERO line or below it, it works best on a weekly chart, and it hasn't been below ZERO since late 2011.
ANYWAY, the HMA, MACD and ROC are all still green, HOWEVER, the CCI and RSI get an ORANGE box, as in, WE ARE IN A DEFCON ORANGE SITUATION!! The Woodies has been red for the last two bars, and remember it tends to "LEAD" on the DOWN side, the most important part is that it stays ABOVE the signal, or ZERO line, which is REALLY bad if it gets below that.

Since I'm on Ninja I thought I'd show a scan I use that incorporates those indicators, it has 58 markets in it and uses the daily CCI as the primary scan, as you can see when the daily is red most of the other indicators tend to be red in that market as well. One thing I look for is a "CHANGE", as in the GDX in the green box, the daily CCI is white, or neutral, the weekly CCI and ROC are red, while the daily ROC has turned green, IE, a CHANGE. Here's the daily chart:

That's a different chart as the main one was to squished up, but the daily ROC just climbed above the ZERO line today, the CCI, HMA and MACD are all green. My personal opinion is that it ran right up into the upper down trend line and STOPPED dead in it's tracks, having a down day today. HOWEVER, I like the miner's, and I will be watching closely, I'd love a little pull back that holds the 20 MA around $21, and then blasts through that trend line. 

Here's the weekly winner's in my Market Monitor that has 80 markets in it, and you will have to excuse me for a minute, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......................HAH!! Bubblevision announced today that the OFFICIAL time period for the "SANTA RALLY" ended today, hahahahaha, I can't help myself, they talked about this for AT LEAST a month before hand, talked about it EVERY DAY during the period, and then didn't have DIDDLY FRICKING SHIT to say when THERE WAS NO RALLY!! Wad ever, XLF managed a .41% gain with IYR up .32%, JNK and TLT were up a hair, the BEST major index we had was the DIA, DOWN .04%, IWM down .47%, SPY down .53%, Q's down 1.25%. There was only 20 winner's with 60 losers.

WOW, oil and nat gas were big loser's this week, USO -5.33% and UNG -3.44%, most of the other loser's were those Udder Worldly markets, emerging markets didn't do to well this week with the rising rates I guess, which means, of course, I'm getting interwested in them again.

Here's the winners in the S and P 500, wad ever, I hope hope you took BAC as that was one of my highlighted stocks last week, I still think it may do a Buzz Lightyear, to infinity and beyond, but it always worries me when these things get these huge run up's going into earnings season.

And here's the loser's, I have looked at them yet but it appears a lot of the BEEEEEG wiener's from last year were victims of tax selling, at least, that's what the people that are still bullish on them are saying, like FB,  AAPL, PXD, PCLN, NFLX, MU, TRIP, I'm sure they will all be at their all time highs next week when the bull's come BAC to their senses.

WOW! The market pulls BAC for a couple of lousy days and the BTFD Bull's go even MORE CRAZY, hahahahahahahahahaha, with the Bull-Bear spread being even higher than October 2007, hhhhhhhmmmmmm, let's see, I'm looking at that top chart, hhhhhhmmmm, what happened after the last two readings that were less than the current reading?? Hhhhhhhmmmmm, give me a few minutes, I'm looking, hhhhmmmm............................

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