Saturday, January 18, 2014

The $NYSI remains on a buy and has been powering higher since late December, even as the major indexes, with the exception of the NasDOGS, are lower on the year, a sign of strength?? Probably, BUTT, they have not been able to rise above the October or July highs, in fact they are far below the highs set in May of last year, a very negative divergence. Countering that is the more important $NYAD's, which have managed to scale all those prior highs.

The gold miner's were the big winner this past week, GDX up 6%, followed by Nat gas, oil and some of the Udder Worldly markets, the Q's were our major market winner, up .66%, but in some thing of a weird one they badly lagged bonds, TLT up 1.02%, as I guess inwestor's were piling into risky asset's while seeking the safety of bonds at the same time, hahahahahaha, get your act together people!! Also a little strange is that the XLK was up 1.22%, strange in that they generally lag the more risky NasDOGS. Some components not in the XLK dragged the Q's down, like SPLS, BBBY, ATVI, BIDU. IWM was up .35%, followed by the DOW, down .06%, and the SPY down .27%.

Turkey, TUR, continues to lead the charge lower, down another 6.61% this week, if you have any ball's they are "probably" going to be the BIG WINNER, at some point, when ever they get their act together. If you look at the "YTD" column China is right there pushing TUR for the lead, FXI down 6.7% for the current year. Some of our sector funds were on the list, such as the consumer sectors XLY and XLV, as the market obviously doesn't give a DAMN about the consumer weakness, the "market" of course being "WALL STREET", as they always believe in the consumer being a dumb ass and will eventually start spending money they don't have, just as they believe that if they continue to push the indexes higher with "MULTIPLE EXPANSION" that same old dumb ass retail investor will eventually capitulate and start piling in at the top, AGAIN!

Speaking of "MULTIPLE EXPASNION", here's the big winner's in the S and P last week. The one that sticks in my craw of course is number two on the list, AA, which, following my PLAN, I sold the week before at the target of $10.60, with the 12% move it's only .76 cents higher than where I sold it, if it EVER pull's back I will probably get interested again. The reason they are higher of course is that they missed their earnings by about 60%, and counting charges they lost TWO BILLION DOLLARS, hahahahahahahaha, if the dumb bastards had just lost about 10 BILLION can you imagine how high they would have been this week????????????????????

The loser's are kind of interesting, they are littered with retail stocks like BBY, GME, SPLS (that's still in the S and P 500???), KSS, KR, RL, GPS, PVH, COH, VFC as the "recovery" is in full bloom I guess, luckily I imagine the "Social Media" stocks are making up for their weakness as a lot of people have a lot of time to cry to each other about their piss poor lives. Speaking of the "recovery", also on the list are trains, CSX, construction, MAS, tires, GT, gasoline, TSO and MPC, and here's the REAL classic, hahahahahaha, SNI was down 9.56%, now, you would, THINK, that those social media hanger outer's would have a lot of time to watch TV......... well, they DO, BUTT, OBVIOUSLY, they don't have any stinking money so they OBVIOUSLY don't watch the shit that SNI is broadcasting, like, HGTV, DYI, FOOD, COOKING, and the TRAVEL channels, hahahahahahahahaha, I think that's funnier than hell. Sigh, actually, I'd say that's quite a commentary on the disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street in this Country.

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