Saturday, February 01, 2014

The most important breath indicator, the $NYAD's, is actually not to bad, as they've held up through the recent chop.

The $NYSI is bad, as it's definitely on a sell signal.

The $NYMO is nothing, well, actually, it's probably BAD, as it hasn't gotten close to being over sold, which would be down in the -100 area.

The monthly winner's in my Market monitor showed the divergence between Nat gas and oil, as ERY was the big winner at 17.94$ while UNG was up 16.87%, the Country winner was EGPT up 15.17%, GDX and especially TLT may have surprised some people, up 11.12 and 6.30%, a big surprise, to me, was real estate, IYR, up 3.44%, XLU up 2.98%, DBA is starting to move, up 1.65%, lucky for the FED there's no inflation, besides XLU the only other sector higher was Healthcare, XLV, up .94%, they continue to LOVE that MASSIVE 6% yield in JNK, up .57%, until, well, we find out why it's called JUNK!

 The loser's were Legion, with only 16 of the 80 markets higher, I was a little surprised to see ECH beat out TUR for the big Country loser, down 14.48% to -12.80%, most of that was the last week as Chile lost 4% while Turkey was actually up 1.49%. Our big sector loser was XLY, way down toward the bottom at -6%, the big loser in our major indexes was the big boys, DIA, down 5.2%, followed by XLF at -3.66%, SPY -3.52%, IWM -2.77%, with the big winner's being the NasDOGS, QQQ -1.92%.

The individual loser's in the S and P were some what of a mixed bunch, the ones in a Bear market, down over 20%, in order were BBY, GME, CLF, ADT, IGT, BBBY, and MAT(some thing of a surprise I guess), other's on the list I find a little surprising were WHR and KSU, down about 15%, I find it hard to believe it bodes well with durable goods and rails in the leaders on the down side, but, HEY, that's just me.

The winner's are just as a courtesy to the BTFATH'er's, only two were in a Bull market, up over 20%, HAR and BEAM and Jim got bought out, I still haven't figured out when Bubblevision says sell when some thing goes down 20% and then buy when it goes up 20% where in the world that 40% goes??? My feeling is it goes to the market maker's, but, HEY, I'm usually wrong.

On "Fast Money" Carter Worth said when January finishes higher the markets are only lower for the year 38% of the time, when January is a DOWN month the markets finish lower for the year 58% of the time, HOWEVER, he failed to mention that this is the second year in a second term Presidency, it's a Mid-Term election year, it's a split House and Senate, and neither team in the Super Bowl is an original NFL team, so the odd's for a DOWN year increase DRAMATICALLY to 59%................................................


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