Monday, January 13, 2014

Here's what my Market Analyzer thinks of the major markets I keep track of, it's ranked by what I consider the most important "indicator", the weekly ROC. One thing I notice is that in that group of red at the top all the precious metal ETF's turned green on the daily CCI, that looks interesting, IE, the start of some thing, BUTT, when I look at one chart of them as an example, I see a couple of problems, that's the GDX:

As a disclaimer I have a position in this, I guess the "Theory" behind the pop in the precious metals Friday on the shitty job's report was that the FED will renege on the taper and instead Yellin will Yell FIRE and take the taper back, wad ever, GDX popped above a trend line going back to August, that's good, the CCI did indeed turn green today, that's good, the MACD is green and looking all right, BUTT, the RSI is on a clear sell and the daily ROC is in great danger of going below the ZERO line, soooooo, a little caution may be advised. It doesn't mean that they won't continue higher, it's just that you never know what those butt holes will do, or NOT do.

Here's the top 20 winner's in the 80 markets in my Market Monitor for the week, the big winner's were some of those Udder World index's, our top gainer's were the XLV, XLU, TLT, IYT, IYR, ranging from 2.68% down to 1.75%, our major makets were led by thee QQQ and IWM, up about 1.75%, SPY at .68% and the DIA down .13%.

The loser's were mostly commodity related, UNG down 5.94%, USO, DBC, DBA, XLB all down 1.66% to .22%.

Here's the big winner's in the S and P 500 for the week.

And here's the big loser's, I thought there was some surprises, BBBY really went down the toilet after earnings, down over 13%, NFLX and FSLR were both down over 8%, WFM 7%, Alkie off of more shitty "earnings", down 4.35%, some of the coal names suffered, which is not much of a surprise, CLF, BTU, WLT and PCX just missed the list, X showed up at 4.48%, PVH was a surprise, I thought that was the most loved stock on the street.

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Senor Peppy said...

Super informative blog!!! May I ask where does the market monitor and market analyzer come from? Happy to share what I use also if your interested. Thanks.

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