Thursday, January 23, 2014


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I like monthly odds for bounce from 10sma support area and maybe that will bring THRX out from weekly range. For that possibility I will use daily triangle and 60 min consolidation pattern. Again, depends from open action we will see if is important to change trading plan, but for sure I will follow this one some time because of monthly odds.
 Trading plan:
 Entry:  $38.43
 Stop:     $37.87
 Target area: $40 - open  
 Type: swing trade


On the monthly chart we can see previous high resistance area and with weekly CCI divergence we could see correction from high. For that I will use daily head and shoulder pattern odds. I won’t expect new weekly trend, I will just look for correction from high based on monthly, weekly and daily signal. Target will be daily 50sma support area.
Trading plan:
Entry:  $57.87
Stop:     $58.60
Target area: $56 - 55 area
Type:  swing trade

Here's a couple of after hour's earnings plays for tomorrow, this is based on the "Rule of Fours", as in, SWK is trading at $84 and ALTR at $34..........hahahahahahahahahahaha! That's a joke of course, ACTUALLY, it's the Rule of Eights, well, ACTUALLY, it's the 80-20 rule, which states that you make 80% of your money for the year during a 20% period, and PLCM and FFIV definitely fell into the 80% of your wasted time. I said FFIV was into resistance, and I warned about PLCM in the post below this morning.
ANYWAY, both SWK and ALTR fall under the "Rule of AIR POCKETS", as that is what they are gapping into. The good part about both of these is that they are gapping off of RED bars, so shorts are currently trapped and, MAY, be forced to cover tomorrow.
The BAD part of course is that we are getting a lot of failures this season, and they are both gapping awful close to prior resistance, BUTT, I do consider them worth a watch tomorrow. B;y the way, SWK is a TRAITOR to this Country, as they moved their business to the Caribbean or the Bahamas to avoid taxes here, so I won't be buying them no matter what, the stinking roach's. 


Hhhhhmmmm, PLCM dropped this morning in the premarket, the yellow circle on the chart shows it printing at $12 on the nut. During the conference call last night they said they were laying off 6% of their work force.......hahahahahahahaha..........HAH, GENERALLY, companies DON'T lay off employees if they anticipate gang buster growth going forward.
SIGH, wad ever, personally, I will probably limit my risk with options, maybe taking the March 12.50 calls, WHICH, brings up a little tibit:

My IB option platform shows that, SOME ONE, brought 180 contracts of the March 12.50 calls yesterday, paying .50 cents, WHICH IS THE ENTIRE OPEN INTEREST ON THE SERIES!!! The IB model says it should open at .70 cents this morning, a nicee $3,600 over night profit. 
I would never, NEVER, say some one had INSIDER information, hahahahahahaha, naaaawwww, it was undoubtedly just some gambler.......... RIGHT!!????
The bids have dropped to under $12, so I'm rapidly losing interest. 

Lot's of earnings beat's after hours tonight, one of them was PLCM, not a fantastic report, beating by a penny, but a beat none the less. This thing has been butting up against $12 for over a year and a half, unable to get through it, they are gapping it over it in the after hours, last trade at $12.36. IF, this holds up, it put's it into an "AIR POCKET", that provides little resistance back up to the $18 "area".
Just a thought, I hope you got some of those ones I posted last night, geeze, CCIH was a stinking MONSTER!

Another runner "could" be FFIV, they are gapping right up into the high from last year, last trade $108.40, it's the same situation as a break over it puts them into an Air Pocket back to to the all time highs. The problem is gapping INTO those prior highs, they "may" find resistance, people who have been waiting for a year to get their money back and will be willing seller's, it's definitely worth a watch though. 



These are "Break Out" ideas, which means they, uuuuuhhhh, BREAK OUT,
OVER, the trend lines. Use your own stop that fit's the "RISK" portion of
your comprehensive trading plan. 


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