Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap

Wow, the S and P 500 A/D's look fricking AWFUL, here we are making new all time highs the last week and the A/D's are still below the previous highs from the end of November, uuggg, wad ever, it's all good of course, as the FED is still doing exactly what it's been doing.

The NYAD's actually look better as at least they are making an effort to get back toward the November highs.

The $NYSI, STILL, remains on a sell, ALTHOUGH, we are possibly one day away from a new buy signal, but I said that a couple of weeks ago and we promptly continued on lower.

Seven of the first nine winner's in my 80 market's I keep track of were from those Udder Worldly markets, I was kind of surprised at that, I thought the FED pump would push us to the top, they were EWP, EWD, EWI, EWN, EWG, my Aussies, EWA, and EWK, the IWM was our big winner at 3.38%, followed by the XLI at 2.99%, our major market winner was the stoggie old DOW at 2.77%, the SPY was way down in 32'nd spot at 1.94%, just ahead of the NasDOGS, QQQ, at 1.94%.

I was surprised at the number of loser's as well, there were more than I thought, Turkey got ripped, TUR down 8.55%, gold and GDX were on the list, China, FXI, down 2.33%, both the emerging markets were down, VWO and EEM, which is the way it SHOULD be, for when the FED hinted at tapering last May they both got absolutely slaughtered.

Here's the loser's in the S and P for the week, I'm doing some thing different at looking at some I find interesting, I may start doing this every week:

 I actually took a little option position in Ford for a quickie, hopefully, the Jan 16 calls, it's got a big divergence in the MACD Histogram and, "COULD", go back to the gap down at $16.

RIG has got another MACD divergence on the 60 min chart, I like the R/R on it for you know EXACTLY where your stop is, as it kept finding some support just under $47 the last two days.

DGX had a big drop, then momentum has shifted with three distinct bottoms and a huge MACD divergence, if I took it I wouldn't want to stick around under Fridays low of  $52.77.

Here's the winners for the week, and I'm looking for shorts that are showing some momentum divergence:

 WMB has a huge MACD divergence and was unable to get over the prior high, I'd want to see it get under Friday's low or that 20 MA, stop is OBVIOUSLY over Fridays high.

EXPE is the exact opposite of DGX, it's got a big MACD divergence against three highs, I'd look at it under that 20 MA with a stop over Fridays highs again.

JEC rallied right back up to the gap down day and stopped dead in it's tracks, it's trying to get a bearish MACD cross and Histogram divergence and had several red bars on Friday, I might take it under $61 with a stop over the open of that gap down day.

These are just ideas and should any one sucker into taking any of them you deserve to have Woodpeckers pierce your ear drums.

Filed under "New Toys", I always knew that has always had end of day scans and such, but I really wasn't aware that they had free intraday alerts, you go to the blue box on the right side of the home page and click "Predefined Technical Alerts", you get this page, Most of them are pretty worthless, such as Bubblevision's favorite that they say every day, like, NasDOGS set 13 year high, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, in seven years they will be saying the NasDOGS set a new 20 year high but are still not over the 5000 set in 2000, wad ever, what I found interesting though was the bullish MACD cross overs in the XLU and XLE, you can click right on the alert and it takes you to a chart, both of them look very do-able, if you were so inclined of course.

I hope you bought the NasDOG's at the close Friday, since it's inception in 1971 if you bought the close three days before Christmas there has only been one, ONE, time it did not close higher over the next five trading days, that was 1986, this from Of course, there's always the hope that the market god's allow a gap down on Monday, every one deserves a second chance in life.


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