Sunday, December 15, 2013

The main men, the $NYAD, at the top, is actually the best looking of the "breath" indicators, it has violated it's own lows going back to mid October, but it's not exactly crashing, and it turned up on Friday, which is a little weird, but, wad ever. The markets were basically flat on Friday, but on my Market monitor where I keep track of over 2600 stocks the over all number of stocks that fell 4% on the WEEK actually increased to 492 from 451, but on the DAILY the number of stocks that were UP over 4% INCREASED to 84 while only 18 were down 4%, a very low number, just strange stuff.
In contrast the $NYSI is still awful looking, it broke the October lows and is actually widening from the 10 MA, it has a mile to go before it trigger's a new buy signal.

Another bad sign is the number of stocks above their 50 DMA broke the October lows, just another sign the market is moving up off of some of the mega cap names.

The worst thing, to me at least, is there is NO STINKING FEAR IN THIS MARKET! You would THINK, that after basically four days down, the P/C would be going UP, hahahahahha, sigh, wad ever. Especially considering that going back to 1860 this is the fourth most over valued market in history, according to the Shiller P/E, which sits at 25, .
No reason to show the $NYMO, at -.38 it's worthless, things don't get interesting for a bottom until -100.

There were only 15 winner's in my 80 markets I keep track of this week, UNG was the big winner at 6.17% as the slim bag's take advantage of the record cold wave to jack the cost to Mom and Pops, any thing gold and silver related was higher, or VIX related, bonds were up slightly along with JNK.

The loser's were Legion, led by the Asians with EPI, FXI and the Aussies, EWA, all down over 4%, our worst sectors were XLV and XLU, both over 2%, along with emerging markets, Europe and our worst major market, the IWM, they were followed by the SPY and DIA, down about 1.57%, the Q's down 1.34%, with XLF being the big winner at only minus 1.22%.

Here's the list of the weekly S and P DOT.COMer's, some times called the big winner's of the week.

To show how strange those stat's were on my market monitor and the A/D's at the top there were 396 stocks in the S and P 500 DOWN this week, thus 104 were higher, or 25% of them. Some of the names seem a little surprising to me, like LH, ORCL, CSCO, MOS, CERN, BIIB, MYL, EW, not saying I'm interested in any of them, just seemed like more than the usual big names on the list.

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