Sunday, November 24, 2013

I thought this might be better than some video with stoopid stock charts. 

Ya Know, sigh, a guy I respect sent me a trade recommendation on this thing, EOG, it's based on the daily chart, which I'm NOT going to show, but it's not to bad, you could take it over the high of today, above $170.41, it's based on the pull back and then the sideways consolidation it's had for the last two weeks.
ANYWAY, wad ever, what my rag is about is I feel that this thing is typical of what's WRONG with the stoopid market these days, I mean, LOOK AT THE METRICS ON THIS THING!! I mean, I, KNOW, what EOG is, it's actually some thing I could like, it's a STUFF stock, I KNOW WHAT IT DOES! But I can't fricking touch it, I mean, number one, IT'S EXPENSIVE! If it got cut in HALF, IT WOULD STILL BE EXPENSIVE, even compared to most of it's speculative competitors. Number two, if you thought the run up prior to the collapse in 08' was stoopid, it PALES in comparison to the current one! Number three, besides the other dumb ass metrics, some one is going to have to explain to me about how it says the EPS is going to more than double NEXT year to $9.26 from the current $4.05, while you look three boxes down and it says that EPS is going up 13.81% next year, which equates to $4.60 EPS, or exactly HALF of that $9.26???????????!!!!!!!!!

Do you know how to explain the discrepancy?????? You have to start at the beginning, do you know what EOG is???????? It was spun off from........ TA DA.............. ENRON.......................HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

I'm not even going to bother showing the differences in the metrics between it and say, aahhhh, XOM and CVX, but what I did was click on MAJOR Integrated Oil and Gas companies, which was what I was on when looking at XOM and CVX, and I said to myself, well, I'll just check out the chart of the very first one on the page:

It was in alphabetical order, so it was ANW, an out fit I NEVER heard of, so, look at this thing, I mean, forget the METRICS that just blow EOG out of the water, it has a beautiful three year base, with a stinking ROUNDED BOTTOM (hhhhhhmmmm, I, LOVE, roooooounded bottoms, hahahahaha), this thing could go to $15 and make 33% with out even BLINKING, and get into an AIR POCKET that could turn it into a TRIPLE, do you think EOG is going to TRIPLE???? HELL, it's a $10 fricking stock, EOG could lose that much in a fricking GAP DOWN on Monday, hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

Look, I am in no way, no how, recommending ANW, my point is, is that if you were an, "INWESTOR", don't you think this thing might have a little more upside possibilities than EOG?? Wouldn't you be a little more comfortable putting your hard earned money in it with the metrics it has?? True, it's, GREEK, hahahaha, it does have that working against it, but I guess my point is, is that it doesn't take much to find things that might be a little more attractive than some thing like EOG, which I also equate to the over all markets here, if you look around there's a LOT more interesting possibilities than inwesting in some thing like the SPY or NasDOGS.

I have to admit, I wasn't going to go on a rant like this, and waste my stinking time, but the "ENRON" thing just slayed me, hahahahahahahaha!

Hhhhhmmmmm, I was reading through the EOG "investor" site, , and buried within their glowing reviews of themselves is this little disclaimer, "AND PROVIDED WTI PRICES REMAIN ABOVE THE $85 bbl LEVEL", IE, they start losing money on every pint of oil they produce if prices go below that.
Now, it's probably JUST a coincidence that WTI bottomed at that very same $85 over the last year..............RIGHT?? I'm not talking about just EOG, I mean, it's probably true for ALL of them, but it just, well, it makes me wonder. It's MY understanding that right now there's a $10/bbl PREMIUM in crude base just solely on the IRAN situation, and if they agree to the Nuclear deal, crude will DUMP! The market is so manipulated that I HARDLY imagine that Da Boyz are going to let that happen, BUTT, it does make me wonder, it do........................

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