Monday, December 02, 2013


This is neither here nor there nor there nor here, and is down the road aways, but I find VWO interwesting. I trade this a lot during the year as it's FREE to trade in my Vanguard account, as long as I don't exceed some thing like 26 trades in a year in a single one of their ETF's. 
ANYWAY, the "interesting" part is that this thing WAS morphing into the "BIG "W"", which I drew in green on the chart, BUTT, it's NOW looking like it, COULD, be morphing into a Head and Shoulders, with $40 being the obvious neck line. I can't short it as it's an IRA account so I will looking to get LONG around $37-38 at that lower trend line, if it gets there, that's an Equal Move scenario if it breaks the neck line. AGGRESSIVE trader's MIGHT consider a SHORT under $40, but, of course, with the AHOLES at the FED controlling the markets with their 85 billion of free money to Da Street each month, I don't recommend short's. The FED effect is no more evident than on days like this when we get a decent sell off BECAUSE of GREAT economic news, in this case the ISM, hahahahahahaha, can't have that good ECO news, can we, heaven forbid the FED slows their printing. 

Both the S and P AD's at the top, and the $NYAD's at the bottom, are still in a LAGGING position compared to the markets, the S and P's have only been lagging for a couple of weeks but the NAD's have been lagging since late October, and like I've been saying, until they get back in a LEADING position I remain a little, aaaaahhhhhh, cautious.

The NYSE new highs is in the same position, as fewer and fewer stocks are making new highs since mid October.

The $NYSI has been diverging, BUTT, is right on the verge of issuing a new buy signal, any up day on Monday will do it.

Most of the big winner's in my Market monitor last week were those udder world thingey's, our main market winner was those UN-stopable Q's, up 2.62% on the week, that was followed by the little guys, IWM, at 1.99%, XLY at 1.72%, the, SURPRISINGLY, bonds, TLT up 1.46% on the week, the DOW lost it's leading position of the last few weeks, up only .54%, just behind the SPY at .61%.

Most of the loser's besides the inverse funds and EGPT were oil related, OIH, USO, XLE, XLU took a hit, down 1.71%, the energy weakness hit the Aussies and Canadians, EWA and EWC, down 1.48 and 1.19% respectively, GDX got hit, which is a little surprising as GLD and SLV are not on the loser's list, materials and real estate were also down, XLB and IYR.

A lot of OIH components on the S and P loser's list, more on them at the bottom, one surprising name on there was Inkey, INTC, down 5.51%, there were some material names such as CLF, FCX and NEM.

The winner's list is presented as a courtesy to all those bull's that love to chase all time highs.

The energy names are interesting, there's a whole shit pile of them that fell after making double and triple tops, there's nine of them up above, I thought it was unusual to see so many of them with very similar patterns.
ANYWAY, I mostly showed those charts because that's what the MARKETS will have to look like before they have any prayer of having a pull back so true investor's can get a more reasonable valuation to get in at. OF COURSE, before they can make a double or triple top they first have to PULL BACK, and, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE..........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA................HAH!!!!!

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