Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Oilfield Dodge" Promotional Film 1920s Dodge Brothers Wild Ride

Geeze, are people getting spoiled, or are we just losing our fricking minds??? The IWM gains 29.7% since the end of last year, it touch's the upper bollinger bands every month, and closes ABOVE the thing five times, the range is almost exactly the same every month, without a single deviation in the angle of ascent, and the index looks "WEAK"??????????????????????????????
Challenges Resistance, but Remains Weak

Yea, no shit Gomer, as if I haven't been saying since the very first day the FED started their back door bail out of their owner's on Wall Street by taking those shit MBS's off their hands to the tune of 40 BILLION + each month, all of which will be thrown on the backs of us tax payers when they can't find some one stupid enough to take them off their hands when the FED eventually tries to sell them, the guy the FED made responsible for selling those products admits the whole thing is a Boondoggle, former-fed-quantitative-easer-confesses-aplogizes-i-can-only-say-im-sorry-america .

Edward Szado and Thomas Schneeweis have updated their study that I released on this site back in 2008 or 09' called "Collaring the Q's", which greatly improves a buy and hold strategy on the QQQ's, you can find the new article at


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TXN - long trade
Idea is weekly continuation pattern what result with daily base. There are two options for long. One is more aggressive and it is above Friday high because of odds for bounce from 10sma support area and that can lead in to continuation pattern setup. Another is less aggressive and it is above last week high and it is classic base trading plan. For stop I will use Friday low what is also daily base support. Target is $45 area as equal move resistance but since there is room for more on the monthly chart we could see in the future run to $50 area
Trading plan:
Entry:  $42.35 ($42.10 aggressive entry)
Stop:     $41.97
Target area:  $45 – open
Type:  swing trade

FRAN - long trade

I will look for monthly bounce from strong support area. On the weekly we can see that FRAN trying to break above 10sma what will be also break above daily 50sma. We could see whippy and strong up action so I won’t move stop that fast. Also I think that target is clear and it will be previous weekly high and it is $20 area.

Trading plan:
Entry:  $18.60
Stop:     $18.20
Target area:  $20 area
Type:  swing trade

Toni Hansen is having her Friday afternoon trading group, it's every Friday after the bell, she then has videos of the session that come out on the week end, where you can access the various aspects of the meeting, as they are broken up into the general market, forex, bonds, gold and silver, and stock picks, so you can pick the part you are interested in, I'm not allowed to access the videos for public use any more, so, you have to sign up, for FREE of course, at her site,


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