Saturday, November 23, 2013

WEEKLY WRAP 11/22/2013

The SPY, at the top, has the, INFAMOUS, bearish rising wedge on it. I say, INFAMOUS, because it, USED, to be DEATH, THE END, OVERSVILLE, ENDSVILLE, etc etc etc, but since the FED has been pumping 85 billion a month into Da Street it's, THE GREATEST FRICKING THING EVER, as we've consistently broken them to the upside ever since the FED started doing that, so, WE PROBABLY GO TO THE STINKING MOOOOOOOOOOON!
Supporting that idea are the internals, as both the NAD's, $NYAD, and the $NYSI have a horrible divergence against the rising wedge on the SPY, I mean, they are so fricking bad, that, HEY, IT JUST DON'T GET ANY STINKING BETTER THAN THIS, WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!
Of course, back in the OLD days, like in 2007, when the NAD's and the $NYSI did this exact same thing before the crash in 08', this was a BAD thing, but of course, this is a NEW WORLD, and those old stupid rules don't apply any more, so, WOOOOO HOOOOOO, WE PROBABLY GO TO DA STINKING MOON EVEN FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to spend more time away from the markets, hahahahahahahahaha, I was down in Southern CaliPornIa this past week at my Dad's funeral, god what a fricking hell hole that place is, and I was quite surprised to find this, hhhhhaaaaaaaa, SITUATION, continued, even with the NEW ALL TIME HIGHS, in the markets.
Wad ever, GO FOR IT!

Speaking of the markets, the big winner this week was the commie bastards, China, FXI, as I guess they found a cure, for, well, COMMUNISM! I didn't read any news this week, but I imagine the rise was due to them lowering the FOX CONNER's wages back down to 30 cents an hour, causing a big bonanza for funeral parlors, as more of them killed themselves.
Our big sector winner was XLV, healthcare, as I guess a lot of the bears had a stinking heart attack.................that was followed by XLF as I guess the fines against JPM for being crooks was just enough to send THEM to Da Moon, our major market winner was, once again, the DOT.COM mega cap DOW industrials, DIA, up 1.24%, followed by the little guys, IWM, at .92%.

Geeze, GDX got slaughtered this week, down 9.37%, does Peter Schiff have any body left in his gold funds??? OIH was down, 1.87%, I guess because of the demand from the World Wide Economic boom, I guess interest rates went up as IYR,  XLU and TLT were down, 2.08, 1.23 and .78% respectively. The semi's, SMH, were down .71%, Inkey got slaughtered today, INTC down 5.39%, I guess because of the World Wide Boom in computers, and emerging markets lost ground this week, VWO down .62%.

I look at the S and P 500 loser's FIRST, as I'm a slimy bottom fisher, and I see it's full of a lot of those Mega Cap DOT.COMer's, like BBY, LOW, CPB, NEM, EIX, SJM, EBAY, PM, Ya know, all those things that have been going higher because of the favorite phase on Da Street, MULTIPLE EXPANSION, or, for us simple folks, EXPENSIVE!
I personally found nothing interesting in looking at their charts, although NEM and EBAY are trading at QUINTRIPLE bottoms, but, of course, they could be trading at SEXTRUPLE bottoms next week.

I present the big winners of the week just for those of you that like to BTFATH's, WOOOOO HOOOOO!

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