Sunday, November 10, 2013


THE,, has his weekly video up, "WILD ACTION MAKES THINGS TRICKY".

The $NYSI went to a sell the last two days, even the MACD is trying to trigger a sell, if we get about another two or three days like we had today, it will probably go back to a buy signal...............hhhmmmm, let's see, two or three more days of the DOW being up over 160 points, hhhhmmmmm.....

Even with the huge rally today the $NYMO hardly moved at all.

The main men, the NAD's, $NYAD, are not supporting the new highs.

These are the big winner's in my 80 markets I watch, despite the huge day our best major market was the XLF, up 1.16%, the DOW led again this week, up a massive 1.05%, followed by the SPY and then the laggards, IWM, and the QQQ, which were actually DOWN on the week .30%. .

The big loser's on the week were mostly emerging markets, more than likely due to the huge spike in the 10 year yields this week, we did have one of our major markets on this list, the semi's, SMH, down 2.06% for the week.

These are the winner's in the SP 500 for the week, X just keeps blasting higher, up another 7% this week, seems funny to see MSFT show up, also NEM, as GDX was one of the biggest LOSER's this week.

For the bottom fisher's here's the loser's list.

I don't "DO" gold, it gaps around to much for me as it seems most of the moves are made in the over night markets in the futures, plus things like GLD being down 1.58% today and GDX being UP .58% kind of freak me out, ANYWAY, if I DID, both GDX and GLD sure look like they are setting up head and shoulders, GDX projects down to $17 with GLD possibly going to $111.
Just my personal observation of course, having said this they probably go to Da stinking MOON, wad ever.

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