Sunday, November 03, 2013

The is out with his video of potential swing plays for the week. 

The main men, the NAD's, $NYAD, are back in that "uncomfortable" position again, as they crashed the last couple of days and are now leading again to the DOWN side, breaking under the low's of late October while the markets have not, there's been a lot of not so subtle selling going on.

The $NYSI is still on a buy signal, BUTT, they are rolling over and it won't take much to trigger off another sell signal.

Despite all the yelling and screaming about the new all time highs I only had 17 winner's this week out of the 80 markets I keep track of, most of them were Asian and sector markets, FXI, EPI and EWH, SMH made the biggest move after the lousy report from TXI, followed by four of the "X" sectors and IYT, the big winner in our main markets was the stoggie old DOW stocks, DIA, at a measly .26%, then the SPY, it's interesting that two short funds, QID and SH showed up on the list.

The big loser's were any thing not so precious, as in GDX, GLD and SLV, plus a lot of the udder world things like TUR, EWD, EZA, ECH, THD, EWM, etc etc, our big loser's here was the little guys, IWM , down a whopping 2.13%, as the momo boys seem to be taking a rest.

It appears women may be going back to the Mormon days and shunning make up, as AVP was the big "winner" in the S and P this week, eeeeerrrrrr, LOSER, down almost 17%, and that even after a gain of over 4% friday, some of the so called housing "recovery" stocks showed up on the list, DHI, PCL, LEN and SHW, one that my bottom fishing side is watching is WU, down 10% after it was revealed the average person doesn't even have enough money to wire any to their relatives.

Ordinarily I'm not to interested in the winner's list of the S and P but the two below, JCP and FSLR, have caught my attention, "X" cracks me up, hahahahaha, it had an absolutely HORRIBLE earnings report and the result was another 10% HIGHER, I mentioned this back on September 29th, as it was showing up on a lot of these type of lists, FOURTH QUARTER WINNERS AND LOSERS, it is usually the biggest winner in the S and P in the fourth quarter, averaging a gain of over 23%, which it hit right to the nat's ass this week, I mean, I suppose you could still look at it, hell, if it comes out and says it's earnings NEXT quarter are going to be REALLY bad, the damn thing might gain ANOTHER 23%. 

FSLR had an absolutely terrific earnings report this week, it's in a sector I absolutely hate, solar, but unlike 99% of it's contemporaries it actually makes money, it's been basing for almost two years now, and to be honest the easy money has been made, especially with the almost 20% gain Friday, BUTT, the damn thing has broken out into a possible "Air Pocket", with the first notable resistance being waaaaaaaaay up there, at $100, $40 higher than where it is now, I mean, with the momo crowd behind it this thing, COULD, get there very quickly. It might be worth a gamble with some OTM call spreads, just a thought. 

Yea yea yea yea, JCP is the WORST stock in the S and P this year, losing over 58%, and yea yea yea yea,, it's PROBABLY going broke, but ya know, they said that about BBY last year, and the thing is the biggest GAINER in the S and P this year, up over 269%, it, COULD, try and set up a cup and handle here below $8, or it, COULD, be popping into another one of those "Air Pockets", above $8, that has no resistance back up to $12, a 50% gain. You can pick up the January $8 calls for $1.30, and if you get LUCKY, and it goes up, you could sell some January $12 calls to reduce your risk even more.
Just a thought.

Some ANAL-yst was out Friday morning before the open calling ANOTHER bottom in that most hated sector, coal stocks, specifically ANR, I watched it in the pre-market and after the open, it intrigued me enough that I actually took a shot at it, and got LUCKY, I took it with some OTM December call's, which I dumped right at the close, if it DOES continue up the OTM's are going to lose volatility fast, thus you may not make much for a while even if it does go higher, anyway, it's had some HUGE volume the last two days, and, COULD, be going higher, ALTHOUGH, me, myself, and I, GENERALLY, don't make it a habit to "invest" in stocks where their quarterly losses are 25% of their market cap. Plus, it has some resistance here around $7.50 going back to last April, if it can pull back and base a little more it, COULD, set up a cup and handle, and the NEXT break out over $7.50 could result in a BIG move.

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