Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just an, "IDEA", this thing is building up inside a triangle, bull flag and channel, a "Measured Move" works out to $6. If every thing is so greeeaaaaaatttttt, these shippers SHOULD, like Big Bertha said to me when she dragged me out on the dance floor at the Senior Prom, MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!

WLT is in a horrible sector, it lost 75% of it's value when it found the double bottom at $10, it's got horrible funnymentals, it's LOSING $19.46 in quote, "EARNINGS", I mean, in this NEW economy and especially stock market, it meets all the parameters to GO TO DA STINKING MOOOOOOOOOOON!!!
Hahahahahaha, what a piece of stinking junk, wad ever, ANYWAY, it's pulling back and trying to make a cup and handle off the $20 level, it's doing some thing I REALLY like, which is "walking" down an MA, in this case it's walking down under the 200 MA. $16 provided support back in April, and then, once broken, did what it was SUPPOSED to do, and act as resistance in September-October. I mean, it, SHOULD, find support at that $16, and the really good part is that you know EXACTLY where your STOP should be, and, well, I won't insult any one's intelligence by saying what that number is, but I mentioned it twice in the last couple of sentences.
If your the conservative type, which, in some thing like this I don't blame any one for being conservative, you, COULD, wait for it to break that $20 level, a measured move off the $10 double bottom points to $30. Now, me, as always, I use options so I know EXACTLY how much I will undoubtedly lose in it.


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