Monday, November 18, 2013


I've heard of jumping through hoops but this is ridiculous. 

Even with the big pump in the indexes the last three days after Yellin said she had no problem increasing the monetary stimulus to her gods on Wall Street the $NYSI has just barely started to curl back up and remains on a sell, the MACD remains on a sell and is getting wider air between it's signal lines.

The main men, the NAD's, $NYAD, remain in the uncomfortable position of NOT leading us higher, which actually got WORSE this week as the indexes broke over the October highs, they did accelerate to the upside with the pump in the markets the last three days, but until they join them over the October highs the rally remains a little "suspect".

The leader's in my market monitor this week were the emerging markets as they loved Yellin's comments even more than our markets, Mexico was up 4.75%, China jumped 4.34% on news that they would double their birth rate (that's ALL we need!), Japan surged 4.18% on news that Abeonomics was crushing the average Japanese saver, our big winners were Transports, IYT, up 2.83% as FedEx act's like a'er, our winner in the main indexes were Da Q's, up 1.72%, which makes sense as they were the worse index last week.

The loser's, few as they were, were almost all commodity based, I guess because of the massive demand needed to satisfy the world wide economic boom.

The top 20 top loser's in the S and P 500 were kind of interesting as they seem to be spread out over a number of sector's, CSCO at number three was interesting as their comments about China weakness belied the huge rally in their index, I guess Chamber's doesn't know what he's talking about. The top two were energy related, several semi's were on the list, a couple of big retailers, one of the biggest industrial equipment makers, GWW, fell as they said sales going forward would be horrible, again, I guess, as a result of the world wide economic boom. The dump in WU is interesting as it fell when it was revealed the CIA is using it to build a data base of your personal money transfers, all legal under the provisions of that stinking NON-Patriot Act, sigh.
One I found interesting was BTU:

It got REEEEEEEEEEEE..........JECTED, almost EXACTLY at the highs from last April-May, and, COULD, be setting up a Cup and Handle, with the pull back being the handle. Also, if it can pull back to $18 it would make a perfect INVERTED head and shoulders pattern, based off the low in April, and a break back over this weeks high would "project" to a target of about $29, some where down the road of course.

Here's the list of the winner's for you Momo traders that love to chase the highs, it cracks me up that the winner was stoogie old Pitney Bowes as it gives up the ghost and decides to be the leader in the DOT.comer category. The stock will never be a ten bagger though until it stops making money, if it can do that it may join AMZN at $300 a share, WOOOOO HOOOOOO!
Looking at the charts of the top 20, TOP 20, the ones I find "interesting" are IRM, M, A, PHM, AGN, VLO, BUTT, only on a pull back and retest of the prior highs to the left. DHI would be interesting with a break over $20.

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