Thursday, October 10, 2013

There you go, The Stock Trader's Almanac lay's out the entire next year for you:

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GWR - long trade
I still follow GWR monthly triangle breakup possibility. After last try, what we can see on the weekly chart, GWR pull back to 20sma support and now I’m looking for bounce possibility what will be also bounce from daily 50sma support area. For entry I want see GWR above 60 min 200sma and for stop I will again under 60 min 20sma. Earning date is at November 1st.
Trading plan:
Entry:  $92.75
Stop:     $91.75
Target area:  $ 95 -100
Type:  Swing trade

TUP - long trade
Looking for possible daily triangle break up and run to first $90 area. On the monthly chart we can see that TUP have room to see $100 area but for that we will see very possible weekly or daily correction first and right now it is too far future so first what I will look will be $90 area. For trading plan I’m using price above Friday high and daily 20sma bounce continuation, what will be also weekly 10sma bounce and continuation. For start I’m using for stop 60 min 20sma support area but will right pace that will change fast.
Trading plan:
Entry:  $87.80
Stop:     $86.80
Target area:  $ 90 -100
Type:  Swing trade

WSM – short trade
 We can see on the daily and weekly chart that $55 is obviously bigger support area and WSM several time tried to break it. We have few weeks consolidation above support and break under suggest for possible stronger move down and that is what I will looking for WSM. Entry is under $55 with stop above Friday high what brings it to swing trading plan and I will look for swing move. First support will be monthly 10sma what is around $53 area and that will be first target area. Could we see more it will depends on selling pace after setup.
 Trading plan:
Entry:  $54.95
Stop:     $55.65
Target area:  $63-52.50 area
Type:  Swing trade

These ideas are from Friday, but as far as I can tell, they are still IN PLAY:

Dear traders, 
What new to say? Look like problem with US Government is still here and I still think that is very risky to bring trading plan when we don’t know what open we will see. When I see LULU action yesterday I understand market situation but also I’m still raging because we was at right moment is right stock. I saw several situations like LULU and it is not to smart when conclusion is that is questionable how much is smart to take risk in this situation. I will post ideas during day but also I like to note that personally I won’t take any trade. If that will be case it will be with really small risk. There are three way to trade market like this. One is with bigger stops in hope that will avoid situation like yesterday LULU. Another is to use very small stops and in that case you must know that you could see more stops than usual. Third way is to not trade and just wait. Markets will beck in normal, always did and always will. I still see long setups for AYR, CME, CLR, FLIR, FOSL, GPRE and short for DE but I will wait at least to see open action. Also I like to note that if we won’t see solution for politic problems then it will be higher risk to stay in over weekend trade.

The has his weekly video and trade ideas up at his site. 

This is a list of the winner's last week from the 80 markets I keep track of, our sector winner was the semi's, SMH, up 1.13%, followed by the XLV at 1.03%, our major market winner was the NasDOGS, QQQ, at .44% followed right behind by the IWM at .41%, RSP at .35%, IYT at .24%, XLF was dead flat, the SPY lost .01% with the DIA bringing up the rear, down 1.17%.

The loser's looked like last week, mostly precious metals and the GDX, EWJ was down 2.33% and the TLT .54%.

If we had not had the big up day on Friday the $NYSI would have given a SELL signal, it's right on the verge of it as it is, it's also trying to make a lower high to go with that lower low.

The $NYMO is just nothing.

The big boys, the $NYAD, continue their downward trek and are the biggest problem with the markets right now.

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