Saturday, October 26, 2013

This is my "Market Monitor" that I've been working on all year, it's still a work in progress, it's doing some thing I find a little, aaaaaaahhhhhhh, interesting, this is composed of over 2600 stocks so it's more than just the SPY. In the red box the left column is the number of stock's that are UP over 4%, the right column is those that are down over 4%. The number of stocks that were UP peaked eight days ago at 1332, which is the highest number all year, just surpassing the high made in May, since that time the SPY has been UP seven of the last eight days, and yet the number of stocks over 4% has FALLEN each day, with the exception of Tuesday, this is telling me we are getting a definite decrease in momentum to the upside.
Like I said, it's a work in progress, so I'm not sure about it.

The $NYAD and $NYSI have continued to move to the upside from last week, the $NYMO is flat, but I find this interesting, it's the $SPXA200R, ratio of S and P 500 stocks above their 200 MA. As you can obviously see they peaked at the May high and have been going down hill every since, making lower highs and lower lows. All this means is that fewer and fewer stocks are being used to push the index higher, IE the gains are more concentrated in fewer and fewer stocks. This doesn't mean it can't break to the upside, only that fewer stocks are above their 200 DMA since May.


The big winner in my 80 markets this week was the S and P 500, up 101.83%...........WOOOOO HOOOOOO!! Hahahahaha, actually that's the Vanguard VOO, which for some ungodly reason they decided to split and totally screw it up. Actually, the leaders were gold and silver, with a few of those udder world thingey's, our markets were led by IYT, XLI, XLY, XLU, IYR, XLB and XLP, interesting that missing on that page is the former high flyers, XLK, QQQ and IWM. Our main market winner was, SURPRISE, DIA, at 1.20%, followed by, and a DOUBLE SURPRISE, bonds, TLT, at 1.17%, always some thing interesting in the markets, there is.

The loser's picked up steam this week, taking the whole last page, China, oil and Asia were the big loser's this week, FXI, USO, THD, EWH, EWJ, despite what Bubblevision may have led you to believe the Semi's lost 1.96%, SMH.

Here's the S and P winner's for the week, and

Here's the loser's.

Since I was looking back to the May highs up above I decided to see who the big loser's were since then (some one has to look at the loser's as Bubblevision will only talk about the winner's), there's some pretty interesting names on that list.
I checked out the charts on that list, and if you are a slimy bottom fisher, LIKE ME, I present:

Pretty interesting, it recently broke out of it's down trend/wedge/channel thingey, and has come back to test the trend line, ALMOST TO THE NAT'S ASS! THIS, of course, set's up a very clear R/R trade, it's a little disappointing that it tested those highs at $75 from back in August and got, REEEEEEE-JECTED, but it set up a nice candle on that trend line, with a VERY obvious STOP, I certainly won't insult your intelligence by saying what it probably is, but if it loses it it's probably going back down to that lower trend line, AGAIN.

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