Monday, October 21, 2013

The has his weekly swing trade video up on the site. 

GDX was the big gainer in my 80 markets I keep track of over the last week, gaining 5.77%, followed by Spain, Ireland and Belgium, all in the 4+% range, the Aussies at 3.78%, then our domestic winner showed up, Da NasDOGS, QQQ, at 3.67%, 1.61% of it was due to GOOG on Friday when the NasDOGS broke out of the rising wedge. The financials actually came in at a rather quiet second place for the week, XLF, at 2.96%, as I heard most of the yelling and screaming out of Bubblevision over the small caps, but they came in at the bottom of the list at a "measly" 2.8%, IWM, hahahahahaha, such is life in the fast lane!
This is a little strange, I refer to the SPY gaining 2.42% while the equal weight index, RSP, "only" gained 2.16%, this says to me that Da Boyz were using the big cap's to pump us higher, which is even stranger when you consider the DOW, DIA, was the laggard for the week at .94%, all due mostly to the piss poor performances by UNH, IBM, HD and GS, you know, insignificant companies like that, I guess their earnings are lagging because they aren't involved in social media!
I figure FB is going to be a blow out this week as their P/E will probably drop from 200 to 199.

There were not any loser's udder dan da inverse funds, and Israel, China and Mexico.

Here's the winner's in the S and P last week, it sure seems funny to see GOOG leading the charge, but I draw your attention to the middle of the list, and "X", it's, ONLY, gained 17% in the fourth quarter so far, IE, OCTOBER, I mentioned this a few weeks back as it's average gain in the fourth quarter is some thing like 27%, it reports on the 29th, so, I figure if it can just show a BIGGER LOSS than it's been reporting for the last "X" number of quarters, it will pick up that extra 10% in ONE DAY, hahahahahahahahahaa!!

And here's the "bargain" basement for the week, picking over the carcasses the ones that stand out to me are the big DOW loser's, UNH and IBM, as the, TENDENCY, especially in the DOW, is for the loser's to outperform the winner's in the periods following their big dump, in fact, one of the most widely publicized trading strategies is the "Dog's of the DOW" theory, where you buy the big loser's from the prior year.
Just my personal opinion of course.

The $NYAD's finally "confirmed" the market advance by taking out the May highs, so every thing is cool now, you can get in the market, hahahahahahaha! I'm laughing because by saying that it probably means we crash now, sigh, wad ever, they still aren't "leading" the market as they should, as the markets have powered over those resistance areas ahead of the Nad's.

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