Sunday, September 29, 2013

This week lived up to it's billing as, "TRADITIONALLY", the worst week of the year, with only 20 wiener's out of 80 markets I keep track of. Most of the winner's were those Udder World things like Egypt, Austria, Spain, Japan, etc etc etc, where I guess things are just fricking Honky Dorrey, our best MAIN index was the little guys, IWM (SURPRISE!!), up a whopping .25%, just beating out Da NasDOGS, QQQ, up an equally whooping .14%. DBA made a surprise visit to the winner's circle, up 1.27%, so I immediately spent the afternoon at our grocery store stocking up in hopes I can make it through the winter.

The loser's were legion, led again by those Udder World thingey's, like Thailand, Turkey, India, Peru, Malaysia, Mexico, Chile, etc etc etc, with VWO and EEM following suit, our worst sector's were XLF, XLP and XLV, down 1.88 to 1.63%, thanks JAMIE!! It's weird (at least, I, think so), GLD was UP on the week but the damn GDX was down 2.29%, hhhhhmmmmmmm........

The $NYSI is still on a buy, and not showing much weakness, YET!

The $NYMO is just about flat, after falling off the stupid FED day pump.

Now, the biggie are the NAD's, $NYAD's, they made a lower high, AGAIN, and are trying to break lower again. Not good stuff it's not.

As you can see over the last three years they, "TRADITIONALLY", "LEAD", the markets higher, by quite a bit actually, in time that is, other than that weird moment in August of 2011 when we had the last battle over the debt ceiling and crap like that out of DC. Even WORSE, is we are doing some thing just totally out of character over that time period, that divergence right now where the NAD's have made two lower highs while the market has made two higher highs is, well, like the flagman standing in the middle of the freeway in their orange suit trying frantically to flag down the 18 wheeler coming at them at 80 MPH, screaming DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER!!
Until the NAD's get back in a LEADING position, I think I'll try to stay awake during the day.

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