Saturday, September 21, 2013

The winner's in the 80 markets I keep track of were Legion last week, unfortunately most of our markets didn't make it onto the first page of the leader board, as the FED panic on Wednesday mostly helped the emerging and Frontier markets, the transports, IYT, just managed to squeeze onto the first page with a 2.51% gain for the week. As far as our main indexes the little guys were the winner's, IWM up 1.7%, followed by the Q's at 1.43%, followed by.........hahahahahahaha....... BONDS, TLT, at 1.33%, then the SPY and DIA. It's funny, but I don't recall Bubblevision mentioning any thing about bond's outperforming their precious DOW 30 or SP 500 last week!

The loser's were to few to mention, so I'll mention them, besides the Bear funds they were all commodities, with USO leading at -2.78%, followed by SLV, ERY, DBA and DBC, I sure wish those damn lower prices would start showing up here in Beaver UT at the grocery store and the gas pumps!!

That's all the good stuff, there are a few concerns:

The markets, as in the SPY, turned back this week after the FED day took us to the third peak since the May top, I mean, the "market" doesn't know it made a third high and failed to get through it, but I do. Even more important is the shift in momentum since the May top, you can see it in the slope of the trend line from the start of the year into the May top as compared to the slope of the trend line since then.

The main market, the $NYA, has broken over the May and August highs, while the main men, the $NYAD's, have, STILL, not broken over those very same highs, and in fact turned lower the last two days after the FED day. Naturally, you want to see these LEAD to the upside, NOT, the down side.

The $NYMO hit it's highest level in over a year, the last time being July of last year, we rallied into October at that point, but prior to that the last time it hit this level was June-July of 2011, and we then crashed into August-September, sooooooooo........... kind of a 50/50 thing.

All the, "Stocks Above an MA" indicators, have been diverging against the new highs made in the SPY since last May, that's the $SPXA200R above, stocks above the 200 MA, but the other's have the exact same configuration, the $SPXA50R and the $SPXA150R, as Da Boyz are using fewer and fewer of the big caps to hold us up.

NEXT WEEK IS ONE OF THE WORST WEEKS OF THE YEAR, so proclaims "The Stock Traders Almanac", I also heard this from a number of Quant's that I follow, so it probably means we go to Da Stinking Moon, as the markets some how seem to magically levitate higher when ever bearish head lines start popping up.

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