Tuesday, October 01, 2013


WOW! Talk about your NEGATIVE stat's, this is one of the worst I've ever seen, The Stock Trader's Almanac talks about a DOWN FRIDAY/DOWN MONDAY close in the NasDOG's, NASDAQ-Down-Friday-Down-Monday, it's happened 173 times since 2000, and in all but SEVEN of those instances the NasDOGS were lower at some point 90 days later, with an average loss of NINE POINT THREE STINKING PERCENT (-9.3%)!
 NASDAQ Down Friday-Down Monday Since 1995
Talk about stepping out on the wild side, hahahahahaha, I just brought a back up computer from, TAAAAAA DAAAAAA........ WALMART, hahahahaha! It's a, REFURBISHED, HP, that has double the RAM, the hard drive has a much higher clock speed with 5.3 times the hard drive capacity of my current rocket ship, it comes with a THREE YEAR WARRANTY, and cost one quarter of what I paid for the current one! Should be verwy interwesting, to say the least, I can't pick it up until next week, I've heard a lot of these are brand spanking new right out of the box, as they were over stock items. 
The main reason for the move is that stinking Microsoft is not going to support my beloved XP OS any more starting in April, this new thing has the Microsoft 7 OS on it so rather than wait I'm going to take some time and try and get used to the new OS, get all my files moved between the two computers, and if I end up liking the new OS, I may try and figure out if I can sneak it on to my old puter which will then become the back up, I guess the new one comes with the OS 7 disk. 
Wad ever, at least it will give me some thing to do still the stinking market decides what it wants to do.

I'm talking about the futures FLYING after the Government shut down. 

That's Toni Hansen's weekly market outlook for the Friday Night Swing Trader's group, it's an hour and a half long, and because it's the first one since she got back from Europe, she spends a lot of time explaining her style, what the trading group is about, etc etc etc. This is an old link, so I'm not sure if it works, but you can sign up for the Friday Night Group here, https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/20439285

Prior Government shut downs have not resulted in much of a move either way, from start to finish, as shown by the wonderful PastStat site, since 1981 the SPX was higher in 11 out of 11 instances:  

I don't think the looming shut down tonight is as much of a big deal as the political crisis in Italy and the lousy over night PMI out of China, but that's just my personal opinion. 

SUNDAY NIGHT 9/29/2013

The DOW futures have been down over 100 points tonight, some people claim it's because of the looming Government shut down (AND KEEP IT SHUT DOWN, DAMN IT!!!!), but I blame Jamie Dimon, hahahahahahaha, of course, I BLAME EVERY THING ON HIM ANY WAY!
AND IT'S TRUE! Check out the red box at the bottom, the Commercials, IE, "DA BOYZ ON DA STREET", have been getting shorter and shorter here, while the "SMALL" and "LARGE" trader's have been getting LONGER AND LONGER, hahahahahahaha!
Of course, DA BOYZ, IE, JAMIE, GOLDMAN, MORGAN STANLEY, MERRILL LYNCH, ET AL, have just been hedging against THEMSELVES, as they ARE also the "SMALL" and "LARGE" trader's as well. It cracks me up, the, "SMALL", trader's, can trade up to 999 contracts before they are classified as LARGE or COMMERCIAL, hahahahahahahaha, yea, like I do that ALL THE TIME!

WAD EVER! I hope the stinking thing goes down a THOUSAND POINTS, fricking DC! As the chart shows, we can go down another measly hundred points and still not hit the up trend line going back to last November's lows, I suppose if we break that trend line tomorrow, or when ever, ALL HELL'S GOING TO BREAK LOOSE WITH THE TECHNICIANS, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Have fun out there in LA LA LAND.

The boy's at Slope of Hope are having a blast tonight, he he he, giggle giggle:

The JP Morgan apologists of CNBC | Felix Salmon
Fricking Bubblevision is just disgusting.

"The Chart Swing Trader" has his weekly video out:


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