Friday, September 27, 2013

This is an advertisement I got in my email box from Schaeffers, Bernie want's me to sign up for his option service for $99 so I can get an option trade to take advantage of his projected 20 fricking percent rise in the QQQ's that he's projecting to happen by December expiration, and this is his NUMBER ONE REASON why it's going to happen:

"Big Tech Sector Mover #1: Q3 Earnings Season - How Low Can Expectations Go?
The first reason the tech sector is about to surge is simple: Q3 earnings season.
Third quarter earnings season officially kicks off on October 8 when Alcoa announces its earnings. But the trickle of earnings announcements has already started. And that means the big moves are about to begin.
Why do I think tech stocks will move big this earnings season?
Because companies - tech companies in particular - have already told analysts that they should expect earnings to be tepid at best.
So far, a whopping 85 companies have issued negative earnings guidance for Q3, while a mere 19 companies have issued positive guidance.
And that means analysts are now only expecting earnings to be only a measly 1.3% higher than Q3 last year."

HAHAHAHAHABHAHAHAHA........ now, let me get this straight, Da Q's are up 28 fricking percent this year, off the November lows off of those Q3 earnings he's talking about last year, and he's projecting ANOTHER 20% rise by December, and all this because the earnings are going to rise 1.3%?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????
Ya Know, don't get me wrong, it wouldn't surprise me that it happens, but I know that the current TTM P/E on Da NasDOGS is right at 39, and that's not counting the 10 outfits that are LOSING money, this according to FinVIZ, I mean, SIGH, shades of the DOT.COM bull shit!!!!!!
Wad ever, DOUBLE SIGH, I suppose it's worth a gamble on a little OTM call bet, GO FOR IT!!

Here's another classic bubble advertisement I got:

This Stock May Look Like a Screaming ‘SELL’, but I Say It’s a ‘BUY’!!

Actually, it's about Joy Global, which I actually LIKE, but it doesn't change the stupid concept. 


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