Friday, September 27, 2013

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EA - short trade
Idea is pull back from high and run to weekly 20sma what is also $25 number and chart support area. We can see on the daily chart that EA lost 50sma support and several times tried to break support and if that will be case I will look for some stronger selling pace at start. From trading plan you can see that I don’t use bigger stop and it is again because of market risk and it is again “do or die” trade. That means after setup I like to see action and depends from that I will have future expectation.
Trading plan:
Entry:  $26.10
Stop:     $26.40
Target area:  $25 area
Type:  Swing trade

LBTYA - short trade
Idea is daily triangle break down and setup is under yesterday low. Monthly CCI divergence can support that idea. First support will be 60 min 200sma and for stop, for now, I will use previous 60 min consolidation. It is important that LBTYA broke under daily 20sma what is right now key support area. Generally I will expect to see monthly correction from high, but at this moment nothing bigger.
Trading plan:
Entry:  $77.80
Stop:     $78.60
Target area:  $75 - 74 areas
Type:  Swing trade

BIDU - long trade
BIDU consolidate under $150 area and I hope possible break above it will bring some weekly long continuation after September triangle breakup. Also we can see setup at daily time frame chart. Equal move is around $160 area what is also previous monthly high and I will use that for target area what will depends on pace and volume. On weekly and daily chart we can see that 10sma support was bounce area and it is good example how to use it.
 Trading plan:
Entry:  $150.10
Stop:     $148.40
Target area:  $160 area
Type:  Swing trade


CVLT - long trade
So far CVLT hold well and despite of overall Friday weakness I like possibility for long on new high at $88.85. That will be break on new monthly high and monthly triangle setup. Also we can see all that at weekly and daily chart. I don’t know what kind of open we will see at Monday but I love to follow intraday action and if CVLT will break above 60 min 10/210sma what are important areas for me, I will look for possible entry what will be earlier entry then monthly high. That will bring me bigger reward, but also it will bring bigger risk to be stopped if CVLT won’t see new monthly high. This is our responsibility and every trader must take that. I just like to show those possibilities and it is up to trader what will use. Personally I like to take 50% on earlier setup and rest on another setup. Target is open for start. First resistance will be $90 as number resistance, but my main target will be $100 area what will depends on action after setup.
Trading plan:
Entry:  $88.25 (88.05)
Stop:     $87
Target area:  $100 area
Type:  Swing trade

FITB - short trade
I had FITB several days and didn’t finish well because we saw stronger intraday bounce at Wednesday. But after that FITB didn’t broke up what was little surprised me. Despite of that we can see that FITB didn’t realize after FED bought program and I decide to back in if will break under $18.35. Again, since I had problems with shorts lately I’m not ready to give too much room so my stop will be smaller , but again enough for FITB because if will back above 18.50 then it will be above daily 20sma and then it won’t be interesting chart.
Trading plan:
Entry:  $18.30
Stop:     $18.60
Target area:  $17.50
Type:  Swing trade


The "Chart Swing Trader" has posted his list of trade setup's for the week,, not much change from last week, plus he's noticed a decided decrease in the number of  new set ups in his scans.
Keep in mind, the list is full of those POS social media and Chinese stocks that will ALL go to ZERO, eventually, so IMPO "IF" I decide to take any of the trades, I do so only with options, so I know EXACTLY how much I will eventually lose. 

A couple of LONG ideas I'll be watching next week, CSTE and AMBA.


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