Tuesday, August 06, 2013

This is just for FUN, of course, but that single MOST TRUSTED of Da Boyz on Da Street, GOLDMAN, was out with a note today about "Goldman Sachs 40 Most Over Priced Stocks"

SO, I took their most popular names with the HIGHEST down side risk, according to GOLDIE at least, and came up with the down side price target as of the close today:

Goldman’s top down side stocks on August 6, 2013:

AMD  40%    TGT: $2.24
CVC  35                 12.35
HPQ  35                 17.19
INTC  31                15.80
X        30                12.17
IGT    27                13.75
GRMN  25             29.43
SYMC  25             19.99 
CLF    23               15.82
CELG  23             109.13
JNPR   21              17.37
BSX     18                9.16

I figure it will be fun to see if those stocks actually hit those targets, OR, they go MUCH higher BEFORE they hit those targets................. wad ever. I would be VERY interested to see X, CLF, INTC and AMD reach those targets, I might take a shot at them. 

It appears that the MASSIVE divergence I've been talking about in the $NYAD's may, MAY, be working their magic, with the drop and all today in the markets. 
AT THE VERY LEAST, if, and I do mean, "IF", the market actually does go DOWN, and excuse me a second.........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...........HAH!, I may actually be able to use the $NYAD's as a BUY signal should they do what they SHOULD do, some where down the road, and LEAD the markets to the up side.


The 10 day losing streak for XOM is the longest since 19 fricking 80!!!!!!!!!


Why did Japan just build their largest war ship since WWII?????????

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